Tuesday, May 23, 2006

coping with the sudden mobius in our lives.

what happens when, all of a sudden, our lives seem to be caught in some sort of twisted loop that won`t let us off no matter what we try?
here`s a list of things that you may not have considered;
1. sit back and enjoy the ride.
2. marvel at the paradox.
3. put energy into accelerating the situation.
4. get a lawyer.
5. just walk away.
6. plan to hold seminars............
7. know that all experience strengthens. whatever doesn`t kill us makes us stronger.
8. write poetry.
9. write a book.
10. negotiate.
that`s ten points off the top of my head. the more options you have the more flexibility you have and the more control. in artificial intelligence the element of the system that has the most flexibility has the most control. it`s true in natural intellegence too. it`s all the same thing. logic.

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