Thursday, May 04, 2006

bits and bites.

we take little bits of things and measure them. we then make more and more precise measurements and find smaller bits to measure more precisely.
we call this science.
we pull everything apart. rocks, plants, animals, people, ideas, and everything else we can think of. we then merrily label and sort and catagorise each of these parts and put them in seperate places and turn around quick and forget how to put things back together again.
like our lives and our relationships and our emotions and our spirit and the universe.
what if we all of a sudden remembered how things went together so nicely and there was no seperation of anything anymore?
wouldn`t the stress level step down a notch or two?
we could realise that we weren`t seperate from the other people in the elevator going up and we could look them in the eye and smile.........without fear of what they might think because they wouldn`t think anything was wrong with a smiling person getting on the elevator.
now how difficult is it to look someone in the eye and smile for a moment casually as you look to see if your floor button is lit.
how difficult is it, for fucks sake, to just bloody well smile like you mean it.
is it costing you anything?
where is the fear in coming closer to people?
we are already. this seperation is an illusion.
i know you are desperate to smile but you have become convinced that you are uncertain of the response you might it`s only a matter of practice. pretty soon you will be a grinning idiot and so will everyone magic. and you`ll be wondering, like i do, how we managed to get to the point where we think everything is seperate from everything else.
especially when people smile right back..........every time you do.


TnT said...

Very thoughtful bro. Separation is an illusion and it also is the catalyst that shows how sweet real unity is. there is no mistaking unity after a lifetime of suffering from separation and identity crisis. Strengh is made perfect in weakness.

dr.alistair said...

"strength is made perfect in weakness".
now, while i cannot disagree with the sentiment of that phrase, i don`t see any of integration as weakness.........from an ego standpoint it could be seen that way though, but i see it as pure empowerment. loving connectedness and comfortable existance.

anu said...

What a lovely post Dr. You say so simple things but they sound and feel so profound when "you" say it.


dr.alistair said...

it is in your heart also. that is why you are able to recognise the sentiment.