Sunday, May 21, 2006


physicists have suggested that electrons and other quanta(packets of energy.) only seem to behave like particles is when we look (observe) at them. physicists don`t say how these quanta know they are being looked at and why they change state, but this process occurs nonetheless. these quanta stop being particles when we aren`t looking at them and start acting like waves.
physicists make these statements calmly and without expression. i`m thinking, "holy shit, if this is true then our whole universe only exists as solid when we look at it".
when we look away everything reduces to squiggles of energy.
it`s our minds that are creating all this.
what happens if we all manage to look away at the same time?


Anonymous said...

If we all do that,then I guess we`ll never know ;-)

dr.alistair said...

yep.......that`s the paradox of all of this discussion about quantum this, that or the other thing.
my view is that we are all parts of one greater thing looking at the world together. if we all look away together then we won`t know what happens.......but if we all start deciding that we are going to see better in ourselves and eachother then things will improve, the chaos will diminish and we will see less lawyers, mbas and other bureaucrats creating rules about rules about rules.