Wednesday, May 03, 2006

who wants power?

who wants power?
anyone who believes that power exists outside themselves.
i should clarify; what i mean is who wants power over others?
the dangerous types who are so shallow and empty and pained inside that they wish to take the reigns of someone else`s life.
power of this nature is a relationship between leaders and followers, or dominant and submissive types or, cowards and bullies. there are suprising number of ways to describe this relationship.......priests and sheep, politicians and voters...........oppresors and oppressed, wives and husbands.
be suspicious of anyone who wants power.......and that includes fame. these people aren`t your friend.


anu said...

That's a nice piece of advic Dr.

Since about 7 days now, i've been unwell. I am never unwell (despite the kidneys)

Well, this time i'm having a bad cough, cold topped with a high tempreture.

So i've not gone to work this whole week. I've been resting and trying to listen to my body.

I feel i am undergoing a cleansing process...a kind of transformation.

I see you have made many changes to your blog. The font is bigger and that is nice and easily readable. And i also noticed the little addon near the word verification.

I dropped in to say Hi and check out how you are doing Dr. But as always, i see you (through your posts) beaming in love and joy!

Oh, its a long time since you've posted a new picture of yourself. If you do post, i will be most interested in seeing your handsome face :-)

dr.alistair said...

be well first.......that is your intuitive response to things. good. it is healthy to take heed of your body`s messages to you. some accept nothing but the pressure to go forward and ignore the signals.........