Thursday, May 25, 2006

what we feel inside.....................

what we feel inside makes others respond to us accordingly. if we feel good, that is if we are generating good, genuine feelings inside, then others will respond to that. not consciously even. it`s not about appearances so much, even though society puts a high value on physical looks and possessions, it `s about our internal state.
this is rooted in science. at the neuro-chemical level we are triggered by the structures of the shapes of things and the patterns of things that we see. our environment triggers our internal states with the code of it`s appearance. this included the people we come into contact with. the archetecture and physics of how we move, breathe and gesture triggers feelings inside others.
how do we control these states?
if we feel good inside our bodies,naturally make shapes that resonate with the internal state we are experiencing. others see those shapes we make......the dance we perform......and when they try to go with it, as is natural in the human, then they get the feelings too.
we get so good at it that we don`t even have to try the dance, we can tell just by looking, sometimes just for a brief second and, bang, we have our insight into the person in front of us.
it is an art form though, and unless it comes naturally, the data we recieve can be overruled by the logic we are taught. the reason.
begin to smile more consciously. at people. surprisingly they will smile back. i promise you they will.
smiling is one of those basic human gestures that triggers powerful emotions in others. it triggers neuro-transmitter responses in ourselves when we do it and in the brain of the reciever too.
manipulative? you bet.
it`s our only chance of survival.

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