Tuesday, May 23, 2006

re; mobius...............

i like the mobius strip as a thing that exists in reality for a number of reasons. firstly, it provides a disconnect between what we initially think about something and what we discover about it as we look more closely at it. t he innocuous bit of paper or brass or whatever the strip is made of looks disarmingly simple in it`s construction. it`s no big deal until we trace it`s surface with our finger and realise it is one infinite surface that seems to violate our known understanding of how things are.
secondly, it is a perfect piece of physical sculpture formed with a few simple operations that a five year-old could perform. we can cut strips of paper and twist the strip and glue the ends and, voila! a mathematical, physical and psychological paradox all rolled into one.
thirdly, it is a mechanism for bringing people toward inquiry in a profound way. we naturally want to know how this thing can be and so the we begin to inquire into the math, history, politics, etc. of mobius and his work. and of course his funky little strip.
finally, it is a way to see life as paradox and learning to cope with the idea of the seemingly unanswerable. our lives are like mobius strips. we proceed along in a set direction expecting to arive at one place and suddenly we are in a totally different place without any added efort or planning. or even the want to be there at all.
that`s life.......a little strip with a twist.

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