Thursday, May 11, 2006


recently, with the warmer weather coming i have found my writing slowing down. as the summer approaches there is just too much to take up my time outside in the real world.
this has to become true for all of us. we come here to read and learn and share, and these are wonderful things, but life is going on right past our window as we sit over the computer trying to make sense of things.
as life starts to make some sense we need to take the opportunity to test our new ideas and excitement out in the world of people and share in this illusion and see how far we can go.
and then come back and read and share some more.
this is how the minds of generations past have evolved. read, discuss, experiment, apply. repeat.
we are no different except our media has sped up.
our lives have speed up.
our minds have sped up.
our hearts have stayed the same though. love is still everything. as fast as we can possibly go, we can only keep the thing together by remembering who we are and what makes it all work.
otherwise we are nothing and life will be over in a flash.
sure, technology has got us screaming along at multi-megahertz speeds, and this is wonderful in that it brings us all together to share ideas but what about the wind and the moon and the birds and green grass going on forever across the hills, and the little flowers pushing impossibly up through the concrete and the cats and fish and the children playing in the school yard?
they are out there now.
that`s where all the answers we will ever need exist.
in fact there aren`t even any questions......just an illusion waiting for you to play.


anu said...

" and the little flowers pushing impossibly up through the concrete.."

How beautiful Dr.

You must have really lovely eyes to see so much beauty.

dr.alistair said...

i am certainly happy with what i see.
will you take it upon yourself to do similar things?

anu said...

So sweetly you've asked me that question there? I am feeling great love and affection for you Dr.

And, yes..i see beautiful things too.

Just yesterday i saw and felt this. I'm taking the liberty to share with my feelings about clouds:

lying cosyly on my
fluffy snow white cloud
so soft like a silky cotton ball
being warmed by the
cool rays of the moon
i often sleep in the sky

dr.alistair said...

our eyes see so much. it is up to our mind to make our own personal sense of it all.........or whatever our mind is a part of.