Monday, May 15, 2006

if you knew with certainty.............

what would you do if you knew you wouldn`t fail?
i realise that it`s a question that gets asked a lot but it still raises interesting questions about our values.
it also raises questions about our limitations and whether those limitations are real or imaginary.
now, if you answered that you would like to be able to fly or go to mars or something else that is outside of human capability at this time then you are sort of fudging the answer. i am refering to things that you would like to do and are being done elsewhere by others and for whatever reason you haven`t managed to do them yet.
like paint, or dance, or start your own business, or walk in the hills in the rain, or meditate, or lose weight to fit in clothes you used to wear, or just plain move to another city...............
or finish things that you started and are left half done.
or throw things out that you don`t use or need or want.
or introduce yourself to someone new.
or get a cat.
or toughen up.
or loosen up.
or forget why you were so pissed off.
or smile for no reason..........because you know the second smile is real.
or had you forgotten that already?

does this stuff make you think, or do you just go back to clicking favorites and thinking about the same old things and doing the same old things and having the same results?

i think you come here on occasion and some of this stuff get in there......right in your mind, and little by little you find that you remember that you can smile and feel good, for no reason at all except that, shit................even though the day has taken a turn for the worst the smile still works..............
i know it does for me.
that`s how i know it does for you too.
because in this small way we are all the same.
we want a little warmth and love and happiness.....and we realise that it`s right inside when we choose to turn up the feelings and know with certainty that we can always succeed at making ourselves smile.
look in the mirror, smiling........
feel like an idiot the first time, that`s only natural. but the second time, a few moments later, the real warm honest smile spreads across your face and you know with absolute certainty that you cannot fail.


anu said...

this makes a lot of sense Dr.

dr.alistair said...

i felt you might feel that way.....