Monday, March 20, 2006

different types of truth. (realities.)

there are thousands of different types of realities. there are as many realities as there are opinions. here is a short list of some of the most pervasive realities that we are asked to negotiate through and with and against in our day.
1. the plausable arguement.
2. mathmatical arguement. arguement.
4. scientific arguement.
how many of these realities are you qualified to discuss?
how many are you affected by each day?
would you be surprised to learn that you are forced to live within them all, all of the time?
it means that unless you are versant with each of these disciplines you are at the mercy of those who are.
these people are lawyers, scientists (including doctors.), judges, teachers, bosses, wives, priests, popes, might think that house pets are outside of this list, and you are right but for the fact that we work for them too.


anu said...

Wow. I had no idea we go through so many realities in a day.

That way, every time we meet a person (known or unknown) in a day, we go through a different reality...their reality. Every time we meet someone, we encounter their beliefs.

Now on thinking of it, i love the world nature creates for itself, for when i enter that world, there is tremondous energy which flows in my life when i see a single green leaf or a rose petal.

But the same cannot be said for different kinds of humans i interact with.

Maybe then some realities affect us positively and some not so positively?

Yeah, this is so true. The energy with which i leave home and the energy i have when i get back home is never the same. Somewhere along the way, it gets dissipated, sometimes enhanced but mostly distorted. I have a feeling that is why when we get back from work we get tired.

A day is a day. If we were really doing fun things and in our highest spirits, we would have no reason to get tired.

Today we so easily say 'oh i am so tired after a hard day's work'. Now i would want to revisit the day to find out what was so tiresome. Maybe if i had spent the whole day cloud hopping or dangling from the sunrays, it may not have been so tiresome.

I guess it has to do with the realities of others i enter and exit, the encountering of their belief structures and the energy exchange.

How lovely Dr, if we can come back home in the same way as we went. Without getting tired instead being rejuvinated after another whole day's experience!

dr.alistair said...

put a little note somewhere were you can see it saying "rejuvinate" and when you come home from work begin to rejuvinate. do a yoga practice like pretending to be a small bud of a flower emerging into the warm spring sun. your cells will thank you........

anu said...

wow :)

very well, thank you Dr.

dr.alistair said...

or you can run through the house yelling your head off until you start laughing. but warn the can be disturbing for some. :-)

anu said...

haha :))

Now this seems something really fun. I'll let you know what their reactions are tonight. Ha ha

anu said...

Dr? Tommorrow is the Board meeting. And people from LA have come down. Today i have been called upon to make a presentation and explain the work we did in process reengineering, compliance and best practices to an American.

So i am pretty excited about it.

Apparently i've been told by the company heads that the strategies we devised and the probabilistic models we developed for our India company are way beyond what our parent company has adopted.

I am delighted to be getting an opportunity to interact with people from the globe.

dr.alistair said...

that is great. many people work thier whole lives without feeling that they are part of anything...
it is a blessing.

anu said...

Hi Dr,

The American was so busy yesterday and today he had to leave immediately after the Board meeting. So the presentation did not happen. I am dissapointed but well, that is all i could do. And my boss is mighty impressed with the dockets i have produced.

Dr? today i have something to tell you. Today my boss asked me about my salary structure. As you know, i went thro hell for 3 years with a guy. So i have got the bare minimun increment. All my colleagues and friends have gone so far ahead like a shooting star that i am probably way way behind them. I know this. But i have reconciled to that fact. And i keep working.

I showed my present boss my salary structure. He did some calculations and told me my salary is way below what a Manager should get. Further guess what? We discovered that my grade was that of a Manager but i was given a structure of an Asst Manger. All this for the last 3yrs. I was so shocked i was horrified. But did not react just felt my feeligns.

Then my boss calculated and told me he is going ot ask the mgmt to revise my salary structure. And the correct revision would be to give me at least a 70% hike.

I just listened to him. After the discussion, i was wondering how i would feel knowing that actually i was demoted but in all the persoanl crisis of the kidneys and the unreasonable exboss, i really did not bother to check my letters so carefully.

But as i left the office i realsied that other than the huge shock and sadness i felt for a hour or so when i discoverd this, i was feeling so numb. I was actually calm and not feeling victimised for what happ. I was not blaming everyone.

I could definetly do with some more money. But i was not desperate or restless to get the hike. I have done all what i can. And this has to come. But if it does nto for some reason then it is ok too.

At least as of now, the fact that i was demoted and i lag behind in my salary structure does not hurt me, pain me, stress me out. And i love this feeling. I am for once, proud of myself.

Money cannot and does not determine my happiness. This is my lesson and this is the hike, promotion and increment i've received which is priceless!

dr.alistair said...

it`s that experiencing validation that does so much for the soul. it gives you the opportunity to open up your heart once again. no, it`s not about the money......but it`s nice all the same.

anu said...

:)Yea true, it feels really nice. I feel so empowered.