Saturday, March 25, 2006

a man with a message.

i find that as i write i am able to draw on knowledge that surprises me at times. i certainly don`t feel the need to create a character to write as i do, but i can see where some enlightened types might feel the need to embelish thier credentials to add veracity to thier work.
the message of t. lobsang rampa still remains as valid though tibetan historians might disagree. they are historians though, not mystics.


anu said...

What a coincidence! Just yesterday i met a spiritual healer who reads auras and does healing. He suggested i should do self healing and taught me how to do it.

Very interesting link. Thank you Dr. I've downloaded Rampa's book Doctor from Lhasa. The cover page was of the daggers piercing through his head and face is so mysterious and shocking. I cant wait to read it.

dr.alistair said...

coincidence.......a signpost on the path. :-)

anu said...