Friday, March 17, 2006

more lies.

we lie to ourselves all the time. we go inside and tell ourselves the most outrageous bullshit and then react as if it were true. we say the most hurtful and damaging things and then feel horrid for hours.....why?
it`s not important to know why. the first lesson here is to understand and accept that we do these things to ourselves. accept with unconditional love for our self. then let it go, realising that we have flexibility and control over this process.
once we have accepted that we lie to ourselves and then feel badly as a result, then we can realise that if the process works so completely and effectively to make us feel terrible, sick, depressed and despondant, then it must work equally effectively to be able to make healthy, joyfull and so full of divine light that it begins to infect and affect others too.
you can`t have it both ways.
it either works for good and for bad feelings, or it doesn`t work at all.
remember what i said about 95% work?
realise now that most of us have worked very hard all our lives to talk ourselves into a bad mood.......
it`s time for a change.
whenever you`re sick and tired of being sick and tired.


anu said...

I get the point Dr. Thank you so much.

It is plain work. And this has to start sometime. Otherwise i will keep on complaining and you will on guiding and still things will not move.

A single mail and a phone call is all it takes to throw me off balance.

I see what you mean. It is in these times of crisis that i must remind myself of all the love i can give to me and accept 'it'..whatever 'it' is.

Instead i see that my focus easily shifts to outside of me. And soon i am greiveing on what others think/feel about me.

I rather should work on keeping my focus on self and working towards my own truth.

dr.alistair said...

yes. the truth is always about work. in the material world its about lifting and pushing and twisting matter and putting yourself in new situations to apply yourself. in the world of consciousness it is more about begining to recognise that we can choose new ways of thinking the profoundly change the way our world appears.
look at the way different people view the world. some see the glass of water as half full and some view it as half empty. then there are those who realise that the experimenter is using the wrong sized glass.

anu said...


Dr, Did you always wanted to do what you are doing now? I mean, did you know right at the begining that you wanted to become a hynotherapist, an nlp practitioner and do your doctrate in divinity.

I am so fascinated by these words
'doctrate in divinity'. What would be your syllabus like Dr?

dr.alistair said...

yes, i`ve always known. it has only been recently that i`ve found a voice for the work though and as scary as it is i find that when i`m honest with the feelings and the words in my heart, then things work out correctly.
the doctorate syllabus consists of studying various aspects of consciousness, from the mystical to the psychic to healing to traditional western psychology and eastern philosophy.
my thesis is formulating around the idea that we create reality by our focus as conscious beings. i haven`t found any evidence of any other mechanism that is capable of doing such a perfect job, and differently for each consciousness awake and aware in this plane of existance.
there are those who like to discount our personal conscious ablities and so they create a convenient, seperate being called god who does all this for us. i don`t buy it. too many paradoxes, and leads to games of popes and kings...........and the occasional tyrant.