Friday, March 03, 2006

recommend this blog............................

on monday i will be announcing the winner of the best response contest and so get your typing finger(s) warmed up and point out something that i haven`t spotted or some logical inconsistancy or tell me a joke........or something.
and if you`re enjoying the things that are explored here, recommend this blog to your friends.
www.hypgnosys.blogspot .com
your efforts are appreciated.


anu said...

was there a contest going on here Dr?

I thank you for your blog. As i keep telling you, you speak so lovingly and reach out, it has helped me to reach in to myself.

I have and will continue to recommended this to friends :)

dr.alistair said...

the contest was to encourage people to post comments. the prize is one of my relaxation audio cds. i mentioned it in a post a couple of weeks ago. this bog is read by roughly fifteen people a day and is steadily growing in readership. i feel a need to speak to a larger audience as i do in seminars and with private client sessions. i derive a deep sense of satisfaction from knowing that i have affected people in a positive way. i realise that many people lack the confidence to vocalise thier feelings and so there are few posts from the readership so far.
i do radio interviews also alow me to reach a broader audience.
one interview is archived here. my interview is in the archive section. the interview begins after the first hour.
there is a brief hypnotic induction that i did live on the air. that radio broadcast has a listenership of several thousand people. a powerful collective conscious entity, all resonating on the same frequency.
i feel extremely grateful to have the privelige to have access to these kind of opportunities to reach people and hopefully switch something on that had maybe been in need of switching on........

anu said...

I appreciate your efforts Dr. I have greatly benefited from it.

I am sure your readership will go up soon and in time you will reach out across horizons to a wider online audience.

I do hope that the 14 other readers
who are reading your blog and my interactions with you open up, share and reach out to you.

dr.alistair said...

yes, the universe provides for all of us as we ask........