Friday, March 03, 2006


our bodies heal themselves. this is a message that the medical profession doesn`t want known. they do thier best to dissuade us from our ability to cure cuts, bruises, sprains, flu, colds, headaches, etc on our own. our body knows precisely it`s shape, size and vitality, down to the cellular level. there has to be a great deal of action on our parts to interfere in this process, but unfortunately we are begining to get the hang of it.
how do cuts and scrapes and burns know how to return to the original shape?
well there are some who think that there is an energy body that contains our shape on a higher level that contains the program of our perfect form and that when we are injured or infected, the system uses this frame of reference to work back toward to health.
i can`t argue with that.
how do we access this energy state to help the process of healing?
by visualising the process in action.
see the injury or disease as a target in the body being reenergised with healing energy that goes to the areas and returns them to perfect health.
we have the ability to see, hear and feel this process happening deep in side our bodies as we do this visualisation.
do this practice daily and then, at the end of each session, allow the universe to do the rest.
the illnesses that we have are in many ways metaphors for things going on in our lives. external states tend to match internal states. if we are attaching too much energy to negative things going on in our lives then they can form in our bodies as illness.
if one has to deal with bad blood between family members for instance, or if you are made to feel inadequate somehow then you may have symptoms that mirror those negative energies externally in your body.
those are only two examples of many situations that we face and try to avoid in our lives.
i knew a man who was constantly having throat problems. colds, flu, strep throat and severely strained vocal chords. when he finally told his wife he needed changes in thier relationship the problems went away.
the negative energy of him not saying what he needed to say caused him illness in this throat. once the energy began to flow again the physical symptoms went too.
when we make the decisions needed the energy will begin to flow properly and healing starts.
we need to give our bodies the chance to do what they already know how to do.


anu said...

Strangely, since i deleted my email id, i have been feeling so 'free'. As if a certain burden has been lifted from my shoulders.
I feel joyful like never before. I am feeling as if i opened my doors finally for fresh air to come in and crystal clear water to flow in.

Thankyou for this healing post Dr.
This means a lot to me. I will sit and send the energy to my kidneys to heal them.

Till one year back, from Jul 02 to Dec 04. I had an abusive boss (verbal) and i would sit whole nights and keep working. During Dec 03 my kidneys stopped functioning and i started to throw up, when i got back from the hospital after say one month, the abuse started once again. This boss used to verbally abuse and humiliate me till i cry. During this period, i received no promotions and increments, this guy used to constantly tell me to 'leave' the organisation. I was recruited by my company to take his place in the future, maybe that was his insecurity.

Finally i started to skip dialysis due to the unreasonable pressure. FInally on 1st Jan 05 i put in my papers and told my company (which is a multinational) that before i leave i am going to complain to the parent office in LA about the fact that no action was taken against this guy.

That changed everything. I was immediatley moved to a new group of people. A new CFO joined the company and since Jan'05 i'm working with a new boss too. These people are exceptionally kind. I enjoy working with them. I championed a project SOX(Sarbanes Oxley - an act which encourages a committment to compliance with law and corporations to take responsibility for their reporting and develop processes within the organisation) which has taken off in a big way in my company.

Yesterday my present boss after my one year service with him has rated me 'exceptionally brilliant and flawless in my work' along with other things.

Later he called me and showed me his appraisal and asked me my opinion about him and told me he thinks i am magnificient.

One cycle has been completely reversed work. And the next is the queue is my relationship and my health.

I humbly thank you for your support in this journey.

dr.alistair said...

accept that the universe will provide both oportunity and the tools, as long as you ask for what you want from a place of unconditional love.
love is the only just comes dressed up in so many different costumes that sometimes we barely recognise it.