Friday, March 10, 2006

deductive reasoning.

as one can see from a brief look at the link above that deductive reasoning can be a complex issue and not as simple as one might surmise from the example regarding the picture of the cars.
the reason why i showed the test was to illustrate how our internal dialog can lead us to errors in how we observe our reality, and that little things can be amplified over time to cause problems in perception.
we have to give ourselves the permission to be human and to understand how we can be misled and assume and draw false conclusions, but over time and with an acceptance and love for ourself we can use examples like this to sharpen our discipline regarding observation.
the best mind i has discovered for sorting out the head is a guy called robert anton wilson. he is a student of general semantics, nlp and just about everything else that you can imagine. and extremely funny too.
one thing that i`ve noticed in my travels. the brighter minds tend to include humour in thier work.
here`s a short list of people who are serious and funny at the same time.

robert anton wilson.
richard bandler.
alan watts.
george carlin.
bill clinton. (though i disagree with his politics, there is a shine in his eyes.)
timothy leary.

this list is by no means complete. these are just a few people who have touched my life in profound ways and illuminated a path of insight, spirit and laughter.
i will always be grateful to them for that.

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