Thursday, March 16, 2006


ego. we all have one. there are those who claim to have attained an egoless state. this is a lie. if a person manages to convince the ego to stop exerting control over the consciousness then that person would run the risk of dying. ego is the survival mechanism of our existance. ego tends to be a reluctant team player, and in certain instances becomes a pain in the ass. having said that, the problems of ego tend to be when the ego is allowed, for whatever reason, to have sole control over the system. in a system where ego is supported by unconditional love for the self, then great things are possible. the ego that grows in abusive situations tends to be the most "egotistical", demanding attention, control and power.
ego, when loved, is responsible for everything creative and nurturing that humanity has built. so why spend time shutting it off?

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