Monday, March 06, 2006


we think of drugs as being substances that we take when we are ill, or as illicit substances that we take to change our perception of reality as a recreational activity. this is a narrow view of what drugs are.
my definition of what a drug is, is whatever effects our consciousness. when the definition of what a drug is is expanded in this way we start to see that anything and everything has the potential to be used, or abused, to change our perception of reality.
a shiny silver guitar can be consumed in such a way as to completely change the neural pathways of the brains of one or two or many thousands of people at a time.
so can thoughts themselves.
so can a picture of a day spent on the beach with friends.
so can meditation.
so can love.
so can seeing yourself filling with the warm glowing light of love until you burst and expand into the very outside reaches of the universe.
see yourself doing this each morning as you greet the day...........
for a week or two or however long you feel like feeling that good.
that love light shines out of your eyes and into the universe and back again.
when you decide.


anu said...

Such a lovely guitar Dr. Is it an electric guitar which rocks stars use? Apart from your love the music, it so suits your personality :)

It is so amazing you are saying the same things 'unconditional love' again and again, but you find so many different, innovative
and creative ways to say it Dr.

Every day you come up with something. And it is getting into me too and this drug i want to get addicted to..myself.

I wrote a poem on appreciate yourself, i'm sharing this with you:

i see myself
in a different light
altogether these days

i know that probably
i am just another blade of grass in the vast green fields or
maybe just another drop of water in the deep blue oceans or
maybe just another moment in these million probabilities of time or
maybe another ray of light amongst the zillions which shine through the sun

yet if every blade or drop or moment or ray were to think the same
neither the vast fields
nor deep blue oceans
nor the different timeless probabilities
nor the zillion sun-rays would ever exist

blessed and special i am
for i now know that
all answers are in me
i am my own god in the making.

I still have to read your two posts above, but i want to be totally relaxed when i do that so i will wait till i get back from work.

Have a lovely peaceful night Dr.:)

dr.alistair said...

that particular guitar is owned by a friend of mine who wanted me to try it. i was so impressed with it that i might buy my own. it is a happy thing. many rock stars have used similar instruments.
unconditional love.......yes i have to keep repeating it because it`s at the root of all creation. everything comes back to the amount of unconditional love contained within each process that we involve ourselves in. work, play, relationships, gardening, art........everything.

The Mad Scientist said...

Hey, that guitar looks familiar; It is a lovely guitar and sounds grat through my VOX amp. Playing guitar (or learning as is the case for me), is a drug, and a very theraputic one, that I indulge in every day. Dr. Alistair has been a great motivator for the Mad Scientist to take up guitar.

dr.alistair said...

mad scientist? i thought i was the only one!