Thursday, March 09, 2006

this image of birch trees always seems to capture,for me, the essense of calm and a certain knowledge that i am a part of nature. i can almost smell the mustiness of the wet leaves and soil and feel the cool damp air on my skin and hear the wind gently rustling the leaves above me.
very peaceful.
all that just from a picture.


anu said...

Your birch trees look so lovely Dr. I had one look and was equally lost as if i have gone into a fairy tale.

the silver color bark
of the birch tree
takes me back in time
when angels and fairies
elfs and pixes danced around

maybe i was a sleeping beauty
or a snow white or red riding hood
i remember running around
these trees and hugging them
as a few silver dust particles
from the bark stick on to my nose

looking at those birch trees
makes me feel so nostalgic
of the times i shared with them

Dr i dont find it so peaceful, i find it tintilating (wonder if i've prounounced it correct), something about it is so passionate and silvery rich, 'stunning' would be a better word to describe them.

It is less calming and more arousing.

Where are these trees found? Never seem them in India.

dr.alistair said...

the birch is commom to north america and europe. there are birch woods just north of us here that look just like that picture.