Monday, March 06, 2006

do you want to change the world?

well, i think every man of conscience wants to. every guilty soul on the planet thinks that it would be better if some of the bad things didn`t happen and if they could just wave a magic wand then the world would be a better place.
but then what?
there are those of us who wake up in the morning and read the paper and say that we are going to hell in a handbasket and there are those who wake up and do some breathing exercises and visualise the sun shining in thier heart and smile and find that this feeling propels them to the coffee shop and off to work with that smile still going.
which is real?
but don`t read the newspaper and expect to find a smile, o.k?
when it gets down to the real basis of all of this, when it gets to the truth in all of this, we are not in any position of power or control of anything but to choose to read the newspaper or to choose to smile.
these are the only choices.
we can go to work and plan and develop and be part of teams and love our kids and grow plants in the garden and go on holiday and win, lose or draw in a game or two, but the only chance you have to change the world is to control your thoughts.
as soon as you do that then everything else changes too.
everything is driven by what you choose to expose your consciousness to.
if you watch news reports about war and disease, your world will be filled with hostility and illness.if you focus on love and joy then that will be your reality.
you are doing it...............
it has to be you, there`s nobody else reading this.
you aren`t going to be able to stop wars or rid the world of famine. there`s no amount of money or human effort available to stop poverty or homelessness.
it`s only consience and guilt that gets us manipulated into believing that we can.
we can only come away distressed from these issues and we are powerless to have an effect.
if it was a matter of money and effort then the problems would have been dealt with a long time ago.
those who show you the images of famine and war are taking your soul.
take it back.
do what you can.
with your hands and your attitude.
if everyone minded thier own little patch out of unconditional love for themself there would be no issues.
you can change the world by loving yourself enough to know what you can do and do it.
every day.
and, who knows, maybe it will become the next cool thing to do.


anu said...

Reading the newspaper except for the cartoon, hobbies and the movie section depresses me Dr.

I tired of the roberies, rapes, molestations and corruptions.

The only thing i can think of reading esp early morning is your blog /seth quotes and write a poem or something on my blog.

Sometimes absorbing enriches me (when i read)and sometimes expressing (when i write).

But Dr this feeling is shortlived. Within hours of reaching work i am so engrossed in the routine, my behaviour returns to its mechanical conditioning. And it is only in moments like now, at the end of the day, i realise - 'gosh i dont know where the middle part of my day dissapeared, i dont remember actually living it, i feel i just existed in it'.

What i mean by that is, if i were living it, i would be making conscious choices every moment, choosing the feeling which gives me highest well being. But i just probably went with the flow. More often than not, i dont even remember making too many 'choices' of feelings.

I feel and react almost habitually. And am not really aware of what is happening. So the hours pass like minutes and suddenly my day is over and i am sitting here and i cannot pin-point why i choose to do things this way or the other.

Is this analysis i am doing about myself healthy at all or am i discounting myself Dr?

dr.alistair said...

it tells me that you have put your job on autopilot.
bring something that reminds you of your enlightenment into your work space.......if you want to...and see what that does to your state of mind.
being able to condense your work day into a few minutes of conscious awareness is a natural spiritual survival mechanism. it`s healthy.
when i wait in a long line up at starbucks or wherever, i will play a melody in my head or practice some aspect of hypnosis work or replay a soccer game and pretty soon it`s my turn to get served. there are other strategies that people employ in a long getting frustrated and leaving, or criticising the slow server, but i like my mind and what i choose to go in it, so that`s how i approach that sort of thing.
time distortion is a method i use to teach people patience. you seem to have mastered it already.

anu said...

Thanks Dr but i am not sure if i it is mastery of time or lack of awareness.

I have tried 'time expansion' and it works. I used to be always late of an appointment and the roads used to be jammed with traffic. Since that Dr would not tolerate me coming late, i started having a stress build up in my mind.

To relieve myself of this and yet to make it for the appointment (assuming i am already late and on my way and there is too much traffic)i would focus in my mind on 'nothing' specifically and relax myself saying 'let the time slow down...let me live the minutes and the seconds and the nano seconds and the pico seconds. Let me relish every single moment.'

Dr? it is so amazing, if we keep doing this with an intention to slow down the time but without getting overly attached to it, time actually slows down.

The distance btw my office and the Dr's dispensary is about 20mts and there have been times, during peak traffic hours, when i've the Dr's place in 15 mts.

Time actually expands and slows down on request.