Saturday, March 18, 2006

global warming?

in the interest of balance in reporting.,take a look at what the enviro-types don`t want to talk about. the globe is a big place and i haven`t been to most of the places that are mentioned by people pro and con global warming/cooling, but, i read a variety of points of view and work to maintain a perspective based on rationale.
for too long it`s been politically correct to think in terms of global warming and greenhouse gasses produced by reckless humans that have resulted in the permenant poisoning of our environment, unless we raise taxes and ban technology. i prefer to think that the planet is part of a galactic eco-system that is so massive and ancient that we can have little insight into predicting cycles of heat/cold on the surface of the planet. there are those dimwits who will then say "but we must do something". really, why? acting without information is just wrong. it is emotional, irrational and interfering in economies and environments for nothing but political adgendas.
science has been usurped by an ideology of environmentalism. it is a neurosis that has cost billions of dollars in research and limits put on the economy, based on poor and/or agenda based reasoning. how can we get back to a reasoned middle ground and look at objective facts?
we can`t. unfortunately it`s human nature to take extreme positions. it seems to be entertaining for some people and obviously profitable for others.
what sells newspapers most?
bad industry and corporations vs. the good environment=newspaper selling headlines.


anu said...

Sometimes dont you feel Dr, that science tries to capture everything in a formula? And thereby makes it so highly mechanical that the mystry, the magic and the mystic of it dissapears.

I appreciate science but i often feel that it seeks to 'own' things/ideas/concepts or anything for that matter which it can crack.

dr.alistair said...

science`s ultimate goal is to be the ultimate predicter and controller, and therefore be what god could never be, omnipotent. it is rooted in fear.....hence the posts about environment and games meant, not to help deal with fear so much, as to instil it.

anu said...

I see what you mean.