Sunday, March 26, 2006

terence mckenna.

there are those who leave the world a better place for being here. terence is one of those souls. his irreverent inquiry into human consciousness goes where few but for the shaman and the crazyman dare to go. he is the embodyment of a reporter from the edge. human consciousness needs to be explored in an irreverent fashion. too many have restrained thier explorations and returned empty-handed.
again, it is the great strength of the internet that allows us to access the work of the minds of the new explorers into consciousness and hopefully begin to repair the damage done by the freudians and the pharmaceutical industry. oh yeah, and the catholic church.
"we are the priests of the temple of syrinx."


Anonymous said...

"we are the priests of the temple of syrinx."

A Rush fan ? As well as a Dio fan. And Liverpool fan.I feel like I`m looking in the mirror reading your blog. :-)

dr.alistair said...

what can i say? welcome!