Thursday, March 23, 2006

my favorite.

~ "The Baptism of Christ" ~ Fitzwilliam Musuem, Cambridge, England Painted in 1710 by Flemish artist Aert De Gelder depicts a classic, hovering, silvery, saucer shaped UFO shining beams of light down on John the Baptist and Jesus.
What could have inspired the artist to combine these two subjects?


anu said...

Wow they love little jesus too. And it seems, they know him too well...maybe from another entity, or probability.

dr.alistair said...

i have experienced the beam of light, not in any romantic sort of portrayal like that, but you have to realise context of that painter`s filtering system. the artist was seeing the experience through christian eyes. if i had been a devout catholic for instance, my experience would have sent me to church for answers.......however my training was centered more in mysticism and ancient achetypes and from studying traditional shamanism and healing rituals so i saw the beam as empowering my ability to heal. from there i go forward. i will never question the mystical experiences, no matter what the filter the experiencer uses to relate the experience. at the end of the day it`s all one thing.

dr.alistair said...

that beam of light is the essense of what i call the divine. it is for all of us to experience . i don`t consider myself special so much as blessed or perhaps lucky. when i relate the experience and help people to know this as a part of human existance.......i believe that it wakes something deep within us all. something basic. i resist the urge to name the experience something other that to relate what happened to me and how i have come away from it in my life. the experience tells me that we are divine and infinitely powerful, if we wake up to it.
that`s what all these depictions of the same lights and beams and energy and mysticism and power are about. our divinity.

anu said...

Dr, i loved reading your interpretation. Jesus too was a great healer. And you are truely blessed. For i find that merely reading your words centers me. And urges me to continue working on myself with love.

Could these UFOs be the Seths and Abrahams who are sharing their learning with us?

anu said...

Dr, after the beam of light empowered you, you said you went to sleep.

What did you feel when you woke up.The experience cannot end there. There must be so much more to it. Did you feel happy or enlightened or blissful or peaceful or ?

When i see your picture, i find your personality very pleasant and i find you very approachable, non-judgemental, extremely confident and lovely.

Were you born with the healing abilities or you developed it.

dr.alistair said...

i think the ufos are an interpretation of this infinite energy that is all around us and that we are all a part of. occasionally someone, for whatever reason, will catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of thier eye and want to put a name to it........i have resisted to name my experiences other that in terms of what my senses gave me. i will also say that it`s not reasonable to say that other people haven`t experienced direct contact with aliens or jesus or seth or god himself. i wasn`t in thier head when they saw what they saw.

dr.alistair said...

we begin to recognise what we have at different stages in our lives and due to the realities of circumstance. i was too energetic when i was younger and didn`t have the quiet to listen inside. i was always able to give energy but i wasn`t confident about the process and it wasn`t important to me then.
my feelings after waking from the energy experience were no different than any other time. i didn`t remember the event for a while after it happened. weeks or months maybe. it has only been recently, twenty or more years later that i have really began to focus on what the event meant. it was a reminder, i remind others of what we have inside.
my dad always said i was good with animals. animals are a big part of my life now and my sister in england raises dog breeds and trains animals for t.v.
i don`t think animals are much different than humans in thier, compassion, non-judgement.......and a bowl of food occasionally.

anu said...

Dr., you are very humble.

Animals more than us. There is a lot to them which we don't see. Elephants survive Tsunamis and cocroaches volcanos. There is no telling to the enormous power and mystic which surrounds them. I have seen street dogs heal themselves of terrible wounds. They have nowhere to run. I can come here running sharing with you my woes. But a dog or a cat would just retire to the corner, in a quite spot under the tree and lie silently. They have very powerful healing abilities.

I thank you for pointing to me in that direction. I will observe them more closely to develop my own healing abilities, like them.

I appreciate your concern and love for animals. I don't have any pets. I used to be scared of dogs before, but i am getting closer to them now.

I feel, maybe, animals are most happy when they are left alone, to wander freely in the jungle, meadows or mountains, where
ever they choose to live.

dr.alistair said...

much like people.