Sunday, March 05, 2006

spiritual practice in everyday life.

spiritual practice is a tool that we apply to our consciousness so that we can live our lives. does your spiritual practice infect your day to day existance?
there are those who would be embarrassed to have thier spiritual beliefs and practices known publicly, yet it is thier spiritual practice emerging into thier life that makes the whole thing worthwhile.
the spirit is crying out to be here. it is our ability to be in this state as we do what we do that is the purpose of the practice of consciousness awareness in the first place.
to keep it in a box is trapping the self.
how do we make our spiritual paractice part of our daily life?
well, we may already be doing just that. it may presumptuous of me to suggest that we hide our light under a blanket...........but the fact remains that we are all too ready to dial down the smiles at times, for fear of offending the serious livers of life.
there is an old joke where a man goes to heaven and he`s being shown around heaven by st.peter. st.peter shows him all the great stuff that they have and when all the good stuff happens. then they walk past a great wall that stretches of forever in both directions and st.peter says, " o.k. you have to keep quiet within twenty feet of this wall at all times, because the catholics live on the other side and they think they`re the only ones here."
there are too many serious livers of life blocking the flow of happiness, doing only the "right things" and making judgements constantly and depriving themselves of thier own spirit with every step.
let what you learn out from under the blanket in your waking life, in the warm sunlight, and to hell with what others doesn`t matter what they think. it doesn`t even matter what you think.
all of the thinking is immaterial.
look at all the thinking going on.
is anyone getting anywhere?
and don`t mind the grumpy cat, he doesn`t like getting his picture taken.


anu said...

Isnt the pursuit of loving oneself unconditionlly the highest spiritual practice of all Dr?

Or are we talking here of the tools which help one to love oneself unconditonally - which is an endproduct.

Like for example, i have started doing an exercise. I will find three elements in myself daily to appreciate myself.

I think appreciation is a powerful form of energy.It is much more powerful than fear. By doing this, this energy will increase the my life.

Can you suggest some practical exercises like this, which no matter whether the sun shines or the wind blows, i do and soon it becomes a part of me and my beliefs change and all of this eventually reflects in my physical reality - in my life, my health, my relationships, my work - and i move towards love,light, laughter, abundance and peace every moment.

P.S: the cat seems to a mind of its own. It is really cute.

anu said...

One of the many things i do early morning, before i leave for work is to read your blog Dr. I not only read any new posts you've written.

I go back and read the old posts. Esp the comments. Since i was in the thick of the problems when i wrote my comment to you, you've answered them very specifically addressing those particular issues / beliefs i am expressing.

I realise that am doing it more now a days to maintain my calm and center myself so the i can unleash that creativity and brilliance, which comes from being in a state of grace, into my day and my work.

I find the comments which you answered very insightly as i read it again and again. There is something i understand each time i read it. Something which i probably missed the previous time.

Dr? have you considered writing a book. You write beautifully. Your words are simple, so easy to understand and reaches me straight into my heart. It touches my soul and yes, helps me to awaken my spirit.

dr.alistair said...

you are at a point where you are going to find intuitive answers coming, like a voice in your head, that will allow you create thinking states that will allow you to deal with things in a different way now.
your life will never be the same.
the ideas that you have about enlightenment are becoming clearer.
the tools are there for you to pick up and work with. 95% of the game is work. the 5% is the conscious enlightenment. the realisation that you can do things differently and react to situations differently, thereby having a different life.
fear? that`s a roadblock on your path that you choose to give as much validity, power and control as you want. ignore it and it goes away.
see how others have chosen to allow fear into thier lives in creative ways that rob them of thier spiritual freedom.
making that distinction is insightful because we have all done that at one time and will continue unless we recognise the process as one we can exert control over.

dr.alistair said...

about the book. i have thought about the idea for years. the time is coming, as i find my voice, to write a book. i see my writing as i do my is a personal thing. i am learning to share..........
my ego says yes! get published, tell your friends, etc. my heart says the the time in near but i`m not quite ready yet. much like my music.
your kind words help.

anu said...

Dr i have something interesting to share.

Everytime i go for dialysis in the evenings (after work), there is a queue of patients waiting. It is on first-come-first-serve basis. The previous batch of patients are being terminated and as and when the beds/chairs are free, the one lined up in the queue is alloted the same.

Normally during dialysis, i sleep on a bed. Today when my turn came, there was only a chair. So i took what i was alloted. My dialysis started and 1 1/2 hr passed, when the nurse comes to me saying 'anu i need you to do me a favour.'

I said 'yeah sure, tell me.' The head nurse told me that there is a lady who has turned up for dialysis late and she always goes on a chair. Today all the chairs are taken so she wanted me to give her my chair and take a bed.

(Dr, in case you dont know of the dialysis procedure, two needles are pricked in the arms and the blood runs through a machine. So the patient cannot move his one arm else the flow will be disrupted)

I was so surprised,i told the head nurse 'but my dialysis has already started 11/2 hrs ago and it is going on right now. The head nurse said 'dont worry, we will help you stand and take the chair out from below and give you the bed. We will take care of everything.'

I said 'sure. just tell me why cant that lady go on the bed today?" To this the head nurse replied, 'She is a very arrogant lady. She always goes on a chair. Today she was late so all the chairs have been given. She is throwing tantrums as to why she was not given her chair. She is always creating problems and is so rude. So we just want to give her the chair.'

I told the head nurse 'I was so surprised that the lady is ready to inconvenience you and a couple of technicians and me all for a chair? If she were sick, i would not hesitate to give her the chair at all. But she is very well and fine, just becoz she is throwing tantrums and you cannot handle that, she and you all want me to actually stand up while 10 people hold me and the tubes and the needles and you take the chair? Sorry you are all thinking of her, noone is thinking of me. What about me?'

The head nurse tried to say now that she is also a little unwell. I figured that she was trying to manipulate me and i simply told her, 'i would give my chair to a sick person not to someone whose arrogance you cannot handle. Sorry i care for myself enough and i am not here to fulfill that lady's wishes.'

Imagine Dr? I was so shocked, the things people are ready to do for others just becoz they find them obnoxious and intolerable or they are unwilling to confront them.

Only later, when i was thinking of this whole incident after it happenned, i realised that i really appreciate myself for standing up for 'me'. Everyone was worried about themselves there - the lady wanted the chair, the nurse wanted to get rid of the lady without confronting her - nobody was bothered about me.

I am glad i cared for me. I loved that i did. Even if i had to argue it out with the head nurse.

Thankyou for your constant conditioning about 'unconditional love to oneself'. I am so proud of myself today.

I am only one Dr, but never none.

dr.alistair said...

that woman is unable to face her fears. without love she will always be trapped in a cycle of hostility.
it`s none of your concern what she`s experiencing. if she were to ask you about things you could tell her about what you have experienced, but what is important is that you have asserted your love for your self.
the head nurse had the opportunity to grow in the process too.