Friday, March 10, 2006


so often in our live`s we want to find an easy way through the maze and so we get lazy in our thinking. a product of this laziness is the dealing in opinion of others.
it`s quicker and easier that finding out the facts.
fact checking is vital to the wellbeing of our consciousness.
everything else is gambling, which i will define here as a tax on the stupid.
what happens when we rely on opinion?
we run the risk of error.
this risk of error is unquantifiable but is a significantly large.
large enough to be unreliable.
but i trust my friends.
even when they are dealing in assumptions too?
our state of well being is so precious to us. don`t gamble with it.
assert your need for facts.
even if people get offended.
only act on the facts.
then your actions will be rooted in certainty.
it doesn`t mean you`ll win all every game though............
but you won`t get caught up in the intrigue, betrayal and manipulation that fall into the area of human dynamics called games.
and that is a significant step forward in our spiritual quest for enlightenment.
so i have now established a link between enlightenment and discipline.
95% work........


anu said...

Dr isnt 'fact', what we believe to be true - especially in relationship matters.

Like for example,
no matter what the reports say, since i am not totally convinced that my kidneys are irreversible, i enjoy good health and dont face the complications of a dialysis patient.

Here the 'fact' is the phsycial report but my belief is different. The fact could make me tensed every time i get a cold, but the belief takes it lightly and the healing is faster. To a large extent the belief rules over the fact - which is evidence in the form of physical reports.

So i am wondering how does fact bring us closer to healing. Facts could be harsh at times.

So does that take us back to what our beliefs are.

Beliefs can be identified through constant awareness right? Is this where the 95% work comes into place?

From this awareness is built self love?

I'm just trying to put your words into a perspective so that i can derive a logic out of it.

So the fact itself is a belief which is what i believe to be true.
And you say that truth should come from within. It should not be what others think is true. But what i perceive and realise as my truth right?

dr.alistair said...

firstly, facts and beliefs are two different things. facts are groups of information that are valid and true. beliefs are suppositions and desires and attitudes held out of trust for those making the original statement.
now. your healing is based on your faith in your ability to resist illness. it has a great depth that is constructed out of experiences that you`ve had in your life. it doesn`t defy facts because the medical profession`s actions tend to ignore and defy the fact that humans have healed without it for thousands of years. the simple action of your health is fact.
it is rooted in logic.
it is magic.
the medical reports are opinion. not fact.
you are proving this with every breath.
the 95% work comes where we aren`t acting from a place of love. where we have been confused or harmed and are in pain. the work comes in getting back to the basics of attaining that sense of knowing with absolute certainty that you love yourself.
so you can heal.
the challenge for us is to sort out fact from belief.
most of what science is about is theory.
the actions of thoeries is to experiment.
so doctors, being scientists, are experimenting with our health. they publish reports about thier experiments and we are supposed to believe these reports as fact.
you choose to have faith in your own system`s ability to heal.
the strength of this process comes in love.

anu said...

Thank you Dr :)

When i love myself enough,
my kidneys will be alright.