Wednesday, March 15, 2006

in and of nature.

there are those who act as if we are seperate from nature. i would like to ask these people who the hell they think we are if we are not precisely and exactly a natural thing.
these people say that we are destroying the planet.
these people say that we are the enemy of species of birds, plants, trees and rivers and lakes and oceans.
they say we are the enemy of nature and of the planet it`s self.
i say that we are of nature. we are natural. what we do is natural and the products of our actions is natural too.
there is more to this disconnectedness.
it is about what we are here for.
why are we here?
there are those who say we are here to help others.
o.k., then what are all the other people here for then?
nobody has ever knocked on my door with an exta few dollars for a mortgage payment or groceries or clothes for my kids........and i don`t expect it to happen.
we aren`t here for any purpose that i have discovered in my 45 years other than to experience and enjoy.
we aren`t human doings are we?
we are human beings. we just have to be. that is the ticket to heaven.
we don`t have to do anything more. not for ourselves, for our niegbours or for the environment or for world peace. unless we want to.
so the joy we know we can experience has no conditions for it to begin. our friends and lovers and children don`t have to earn our love.......we just love them, unconditionally.
and, most importantly, we love ourselves unconditionally too. just for being born.
nice, eh?


anu said...

This is a powerful statement Dr:

"joy has no conditions.
no one needs to earn our love.
we love ourselves unconditionally, just for being born."

So powerful is the relevation on reading this that the work we do on ourselves seems no more like "work" seems so much "fun".

I went searching for fun things to do outside myself. I see now how much fun it is just to be born and experience and find my own way in these mystical magical mountains of the universe.

It is fun to eat peacefully, sleep peacefully, have a few extra rupees in my pocket to buy a movie ticket or an ice-cream, to treat myself in the hospital, to earn my own living and to have eyes to watch the colours of the sky and the moon.

And it is so much fun to have known you too Dr.

Now the only point is to carry this feeling in me. All what i write here and elsewhere i feel but not necessarily all the time. I want to feel more often like i do now..content and happy.

dr.alistair said...

conditions are a signpost. to accept conditions is to subscribe to tyranny.
walk away and smile, knowing that you are free when you decide.
the first step in having the feelings we want inside is to recognise the feelings that are there now.
this is the first meditation.
an inventory.
once you recognise which feelings you have and what they do to you, then you can begin to make changes.
by choosing.
where we are now, i our boots, is where our consciousness has led us.
we are the culmination of a great deal of feelings.
many people spend thier whole lives without realising that they have any control over this mechanism.
there are reasons for this.
other people`s will to control.
none of these factors are important when you choose to choose which feelings you experience and when.