Monday, March 06, 2006

the adversary.

in my spiritual paractice, the personal path that i follow, i choose to focus on what drives me in a positive way. the pictures, sounds and feelings that stimulate me to the next thing are chosen so that i will have a steady flow of inspiring energy to ride on throughout my day. there are times though where i have to focus on the negative aspects of human endevours.
the concept of the adversary is one such issue that necessitates the focus falls on negative issues.
spiritually humans have been attacked by predators for as long as we have been conscious.
there are those that suggest that our consciousness, our emotions and our wills are the things that create the world. those that control that creative energy control the power of manifestation it`s self.
i don`t disagree with this position.
the history of religion and politics and now science has been the history of controlling what we think.
if we believe that the speed of light is the boundary speed of particles in the universe then that`s the limit of our consciousness.
if we believe that the pope is infalable and that the bible is the undiluted word of god then that is the limit of our consciousness.
and so for politics.
so we are made responsible for the wellbeing of others. we are made guilty and responsible for voting. we are made to think that an all loving god would then make tornados and disease and famines and tiny little spiders.
so when we try to make sense of all this paradoxical nonsense we fall further into the trap of having to go to politicians, scientists and priests for the answers to all the odd things that keep going on around us that are plainly different to that which we are told to believe.
that is the trap.
the round and round feeling we get listening to all this noise.
we know it`s wrong with every fibre of our being yet how many people are strong enough to stand up and choose to reject the nonsense.
very few.
until you choose to begin to love yourself unconditionally.
when you make that commitment to yourself you can`t stand the politics, the religion and the science any more.
but you can love yourself......if you begin working on it.
and then the noise becomes intolerable.
you look away.
not out of hate or resentment or anger, but because you laugh outloud at how foolish it all is.
who cares about politics or religion or science when you know some personal truth?


anu said...

how true Dr!

But on second thoughts, when we see the difference i.e., we see the little truth in our heart and all this nonsense around, dont you get irritated?

Like dont you go something like "uffhh, oh god these people!!!" I mean, pardon me if i sound crude, but how does one generate so much tolerance to so dispassionately look away with a laugh and not get affected by it.

dr.alistair said...

irritated? absolutely......but i owe it to myself to not get dragged into a negative loop of feelings. i will do all the human things. yell, stamp my feet, swear....etc. but only in private. long and hard enough to start laughing. then anchor the laughter to my goals in the situation.

anu said...

:) right