Tuesday, March 14, 2006

when we look at optical illusions such as the one in the previous post, we see that things aren`t as they seem. why does a pattern begin to move when we look at it? who`s to say that it doesn`t move of it`s own accord?
who`s to say that it`s moving?
there are those rare people who don`t actually see movement when they look at the image. i imagine that they`re puzzled to hear that some people see the images moving.
so, how does the image actually move?
the surface of the retina, which is the inside surface of the back of the eye, is covered with nerve clusters called rods and cones. these nerves convert light into colours, shapes and movement that the brain then converts back into pictures of the world. i have oversimplified this process for descriptive purposes, but it is an accurate model nonetheless.
when the rods and cones become fatigued, as with the complex pattern in the optical illusion, then other rods and cones are recruited to maintain the image in the mind. these other rods and cones are located on slightly different areas of the retina, giving the illusion of movement to the brain.
this fatigue/re-recruitment process is true of all aspects of the human system, from brain cells to muscle cells. the eye is no different.
our body adapts to fatigue by adjustng it`s self to perpetuate operation.
it`s a good thing too. unless what it`s adapting to is an illusion. then it gets fooled.
so what`s real then?


anu said...

Dr, except for the image i looked at, all the other images moved.

So this brings again the same post you wrote about: is this statement true?

It all depends on what we see and therefore what we believe. Isnt it all a perception in the end?

And maybe, all we are trying to do is possibly expand our consciousness to widen our perception.

Dr, I want to lighten my life and loosen myself up. So i have invited 'fun' to stay with me. Yesterday i flirted with three men (at different times), without expecting any response from them, merely to express my feelings. Not least bothered about what they think of me. More concerned with what am i feeling expressing my true feelings at that moment.

Oh and yesterday i also taught a girl friend how to masturbate (verbally) and tried to clear her inhibitions about it.

Today is a holiday. And i am going to take a lovely bath. I have purchased a tiny bottle of aromatic oil and i will pour a few drops of it in the bucket of water.

anu said...

I just noticed Dr, this post is so different. It has no title :)

dr.alistair said...

it is important to be unattached to outcomes regarding our actions. not to be irresponsible, but to be able to allow things to occur naturally, without the pain of expectation and disappointment. the opposite of control.
we can then be freer to accept the joyous moments and go with them and to acknowledge the negative that does naturally occur and to let it go.
fun is one aspect........and as important as any other. totally immerse yourself in this fun and allow it to take you where it may.
it is a blessing you accept.
many struggle with the concept of fun, and only take it on as a "necessity" or demand it in thier life as if they`ve earned it.
to force any experience is to watch it blow away as if it is made of smoke.
it goes back to the root of all things. the total unconditional love for the self.
a point at which it is impossible to harm the self.

anu said...

So so true Dr. Your words touch me as if a Seth has spoken the same.

There is an element of love, affection and passion with which your voice speaks and i can totally relate to that.

anu said...

And Dr when i did want to have fun. The circumstances were so conducive for it to happen.

One of the three men was my boss's boss whom i can so relate to. The flirting was a lovely conversation with him..but this time not with any fear or holding back. Just a heart-to-heart conversation about the work first, then his back (which ached), movies, the celeberation of holi in his building (which is celeberated by smearing colours on the face and throwing water on each other). The fun thing happenned when he asked me if i am going to celeberate holi. And i said yeah under the shower by having a lovely bath.

The second flirtatious thing (dont even know whether this qualifies as flirting) was to smile at a man. I love his personality and the way he talks and carries himself. He is African-american and those dark looks are awesome. He is a channelhead. Normally i try to look away not knowing what to do. This time i just looked straight into his eyes and let my feelings flow and smile at him so broadly. Surprisingly, he smiled back with a huge surprise look on his face.

Okay? now tell me was this flirting? Does this qualify as flirting?

I hope it is okay to talk all these things with you Dr. And that i dont offend you or scandalise your clean blog with all these comments of mine.

dr.alistair said...

all of our words come out this way when we feel love for ourselves. jane roberts knew this. it couldn`t have happened any other way. this language goes to the heart....from the heart. not just of individuals, but of the entire universe. it is a giant reactor. we merely touch the edge of it in the physical. we brush by and make the merest of contact, but it`s enough.

dr.alistair said...

looking into the eyes of another and smiling is powerful........and in some ways a mystical practice. it is a way to cast a spell. it certainly feels wonderful inside too. with respect for the other person there no harm or concern in your actions.
love is only love. it cannot be diluted or transformed. when you take that for yourself then your actions are immpeccable.
humility is the key here. realise your strength and do not abuse it. especially at a time of celebration.....when the demons have been chased away and people`s hearts are open.

anu said...

Dr, thank you so much for your feedback.

What do you mean by 'realise your strength and do not abuse it'.

dr.alistair said...

the strength of your own confidence. not everyone will share your joy. this is a lesson we must adress and learn as we seek enlightenment. there will be thse who will misunderstand your energy. i doesn`t mean you should change your path or approach to others. just be aware of those who don`t share your joy and allow them thier space.
some of those who hold themselves as enlightened will be the first to challenge your position. it`s o.k. it`s thier weakness.
being enlightened is to realise that we do walk on water......like a surfer. when the energy is flowing in harmony we sail along on the crest of the wave, but when the energy gets crossed up, we sink like a stone.
that`s o.k. too.........
know when to light up and when to just simmer. it is important sometimes to be able to tip toe spiritually...............
especially around those who think they are the only one. ;-)

anu said...

Oooo Dr, so stunningly beautiful your words are:

"being enlightened is to realise that we do walk on water......like a surfer. when the energy is flowing in harmony we sail along on the crest of the wave, but when the energy gets crossed up, we sink like a stone."

What all shall i copy-paste and post here saying i love? I love your blog and all the wonderful feelings you share with all of us here.

And yes! i shall remember that sometimes it is okay to sink too like a stone. I guess the whole point is to dare to step into the water when we want to. :-)

Dr? i see you love music. May i send you a lovely mindblowing music CD of my country? The CD name is "Chants of India" and it is an effort to transpose sanskrit chants from ancient Hindu scriptures to music. Pandit Ravi Shankar employs the flute, tamboura, harp, sitar along with other instruments.

I want to express my affection to you.

dr.alistair said...

i will accept your gracious offer. i appreciate your appreciation for the words that come, not from ego, but from resonance with the joy of everything........
if you wish, e-mail me here; alistair@tools4change.ca and i will send you my adress.
thank you for the kindness.

anu said...

Thank you Dr. I am so happy that you accepted the offer. I will mail you at the above address.

dr.alistair said...

:-) blessings abound!

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