Saturday, March 18, 2006

and then there`s.......

the yes, it`s true but we can`t do much about it view.


anu said...

Why do we feel that the universe cannot take care of itself?

And why do we think we need to control it?

How about doing simple things like planting trees.

dr.alistair said...

there are those who imprint thier wil to control at a global level. that is the extent of human will to control......not just in personal relationships.

anu said...

Grandfather planted 10 neem trees around his building in the compound during his last few years.

Today when we stand in the balcony of his house, we enjoy the cool breeze with the medicinal healing fragrance of neem.

So lovely and happy the trees are. They always look as if they will live forever. And maybe they do.
Until we interfere..

dr.alistair said...

when we recognise that our relationship with nature is in being a part of it we live in harmony.....inside of nature, as a natural part of it. our senses recognise this as true. the fragrance of the trees is the truth.

anu said...

:)so true Dr.

It is early morning here at 5 am. And i was breathing for the last 40 minutes inhaling the morning freshness and i can so smell the fragrance of the trees around me.

And also get a whiff of the night flower's sweet warm essence.