Wednesday, March 15, 2006

how to create a new state of mind................

our minds operate in this way. we see pictures in our mind that are snapshots and little movies. the soundtrack we hear is made up of voices and sounds that go with the images. when we watch these images and hear the sounds it makes us feel different things. apart from the odd smell and taste sensation that accompanies these images and sounds, that`s our entire universe right there.
would you say that it`s important to understand the mechanics of this process, given that it is how our world is shaped?
o.k. now, choose an image that you know will make you feel a certain way. it doesn`t matter what emotion you choose to move toward for this practice but realise as you do it that the feelings will get stronger.
when you have got the image or memory of an experience in your mind then find yourself focussing on what you see, hear and feel as a result of looking.
hear the sounds in the image getting louder. how does that make you feel? does the feeling diminish if the sound becomes quieter?
see the colours of the image or memory getting brighter, more vivid and rich. make the image brighter, as if a floodlight has been switched on, bathing the scene in bright light......or conversely make the image dimmer and darker and soften the colours, blurring them together. now, recognise how these changes make you feel different things as a result.
do textures at your finger tips and against your skin make you feel differently too?
i want you to realise something in all of this. it is you that is doing this. by manipulating the image environment in your head you feel differently. precisely in response to you choosing to mix up the stuff in your head.
the more you choose the way you want to feel by using this method as an artist on a canvas or a sculptor with clay, the more you will be incontrol of your moods. whenever you need to most.
when you get good at this you can do the work in an instant to amplify whatever mood you need.
or whichever one is most important for you to have in your consciousness. right now.


anu said...

I ended up choosing the lovely memories with my late grandfather. He loves me and my sister most.

I had mixed emotions in doing the exercise. Maybe i should have picked up some other memory.

I love the times spent with my grandfather as he was a fine handsome self-made man and he showered so much love and affection on us. He brought us up.

I started reliving the memories when we used to visit his house and he would be gardenning. As the voices and the lights became brighter, the love and the joy of interacting with grandpa grew. But a silent underlying pain also grew. Maybe becoz i am also concious of a loss here as he is no more physically.

I did not cry too hard when he died as i believe he is alive in spirit and his energy will be always accessible to us. It is difficult to believe anything else, at least for me. It hurts badly.

But yes i get the point. The power of imagining. So that means we need to record the happy / motivated / lovely / passionate...memories somewhere in our head so that we can breathe life into them when we want to right?

I had to think a lot to find even a single memories in each category.

dr.alistair said...

the memories store automatically. now, the next thing is to build a model for loving, peaceful, confident resourseful states that are a combination of pre-existing memories combined with other images and movies that you have invented or seen on t.v. or in the movies. the same amplification method applies here, but as you go through the events realise that you can add things to motivate, encourage and comfort yourself so that you can have optimum experiences any time you need them.
i do this before seminars;
i visualise myself playing football in a large stadium in front of thousands of people.....and i get the ball in scoring position and kick the ball perfectly into the net. the crowd goes berserk. yelling and screaming. it`s just brilliant. i can hear each individual person yelling.......then i add trumpet fanfares to the image and then yell in my mind....yaaaaaaaaaaaa!
this is done just before i go out and talk to people about behaviour change and other fun stuff......
what state would you rather experience in your life?
that one or stage fright?

anu said...

:)yeah would prefer to be crazy, at least i will be excited and joyful inside!

My sis is studying for the C.A. (Chartered Accountant) exam. I read out your post and comments to her, so that she can use it in her studies.

Thank you Dr.

dr.alistair said...

it`s an easy choice for a healthy mind.......