Wednesday, March 08, 2006


our minds are inundated with a constant flow of information designed to provide us with instant access to the newest consumer products available. there is no other reason why we have broadband internet and digital cable t.v.. if there were no commercials there would be no media. we couldn`t afford to pay the network costs. we are hammered with commercials for refridgerators, cars, soap and more cars. the t.v. shows themselves are brief breaks between consumer choice alerts.
we think that this increase in information is preparing us in some way. we think that we are smarter. we think that we are getting news when in fact we are getting more entertainment.
how can one make a distinction between news and entertainment?
my thought is that anything that directly effects me is news. the rest is entertainment.
if the tornado is heading for my house i want to know about it. if not, then what are my motives for continuing to watch minute-by-minute updates from some idiot in a rainsuit and an umbrella standing on a beach in a 70 mile-an-hour wind?
there are those who watch police chases on t.v. too............
i guess we have so much taken care of for us that we are desperate to have some conflict in our lives, even if it`s tragic.
so what`s my point?
my point is that spiritual practice includes a retreat from someone elses idea of becoming informed.
wherever we look for information we get manipulated into watching commercials or religious or political opinion. the endless debates are enough to try the patience of a saint.
there comes a point where the ideas that have been sitting below the surface are begining to emerge and you are searching for a common voice. people to agree with you. that is a natural thing. the intellect wants company. so you are back to consensus in the media........right?
well, actually, the quiet voice is deep inside of the consciousness that we are all part of. the consciousness that we have access to when we are still to the whisper of ancient knowledge and understanding.
there is truly nothing new under the sun.......except our confusion. when we detach from that confusion to accepting that the universe will take care of the answers and the details, we just have to make the firm and clear decisions in our life and have the confidence to keep walking the path.
now that`s news.


anu said...

Makes so much sense Dr.

Right now, in my company everyone is having their own stories of what the bonuses would be, who would get what much 'news' / rumors floating around.

And this news is waiting for an influence. It just requires half a dozen people to repeat a line and everyone is affected by it, at least emotionally.

So true when u say, there is news in the silence of our minds. But we have to listen to it!

Not too long ago, when i was searching for answers in my love relationship with my ex, unable to bear the chatter in my mind, i had resorted to compulsive silence for an hour a day especially while travelling. I would do nothing but look around and focus on what is going on and not think. Becoz the more i think, the more i was feeling nauseaus and feeling like throwing up (this was when i had already worked myself up to a level where my mind could not contain any more reckless thoughts and i thought i was going to burst or die).

In the silence i practiced each day consciously, i found the begining of peace.

I had written this little poem then:

simply sitting
doing nothing
things get resolved.

Have a nice night Dr, time for me to carry the sun in my heart and the smile on my face and head to my place of quiet meditation (my work) :)

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dr.alistair said...

the best is yet to come.......