Monday, March 27, 2006

bits and pieces.

when we approach a problem we tend to want to look at the problem in bits. it makes things easier to deal with the smaller pieces as opposed to one big thing. at least that`s how we have become used to looking at problems.
what happens when things are broken into smaller and smaller pieces is that we end up with a problem of re-integrating what we`ve pulled apart. we also end up with a nightmare of accounting dealing with each part, labelling, storing and remembering what the part did and where it goes when we are ready to put everything back together so that we can use the thing again.
and what if the thing we pull apart is ourself?
the problem with thinking that things are made of bits is that the premise is wrong. rationale says that things are made of bits and pieces, but really we are a connected thing, existing together as one consciousness. we feel better when we are together, we even say "get it togher" or "i`ve got to get it together", or "he`s really got his shit toghether". it`s all about being together. the more the better.
the problem with business as in living life is that when things are reduced to bits then inventoried and accounted, then the bureaucrats want to write procedures and laws and liability policy and compliance protocols and if you don`t comply then you aren`t open for business. we want to be integrated but there are systems in place to make sure that is difficult. we can`t just play soccer, we have to comply with liability, registration, league regulations, documentation etc. to the point where the bureaucrat`s agents (the ref.) can stop the game for any reason he feels fit to. we can`t try to heal people without board certifications, insurance and credibility from other professions in the field.
we can`t deal with the experience of life and health in a whole way anymore. we have to treat symptoms not causes. that`s where looking at small bits of things has got us.

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