Sunday, March 19, 2006


we are either programming ourselves or we are taking programming from some other agency. other such agencies are teachers, parents, friends, government or commercial interests.
the study and practice of meditation and creative visualisation are two methods for self-programming that i recommend. any behaviour that allows you space to think and plan for yourself can be considered self-programming. yoga, painting, music, sculpture, rock climbing, hiking......creative and physical endevours that need a concentrated depth of thought over time will allow some mind work to occur.
sitting in front of the t.v. or shopping or reading the newspaper or doing taxes or argueing about politics or religion will engrain pre-existing programming further. avoid these things like the plague. they are mind destroyers designed to condition people to obedience.
programming is evident in the type of behaviours we become addicted to. like gambling, politics and religion become compulsions. we will ruin discussions by becoming unreasonable over points that are opinion. what good is that?
quiet meditation allows us the grounding confidence to not focus on such nonsense that binds the spirit to pointless enterprises that take up time effort and money that could be put to better use in our lives.
like a walk in the park or a visit with a friend or listening to the wind in the trees.............


anu said...

How lovely this entry is Dr.

Yes, yes, yes :-)

Now it is a matter of doing this consistently to make it a way of living, so that when it is time to make a goal, the goal happens automatically, with effortless ease, as a result of the quiet meditative state of mind .

Rather than many compulsive concentrated last minute efforts taken by the self to empty the mind of the junk programs which are now ruling the head!

dr.alistair said...

great art seems impossible when one is in a compulsive state. that`s why anxiety takes hold. we look at the world when we are rushed and say....."how can i ever get to there from here?" and the answer is that you can`t.
to get there you must be a different person.
refuse to be rushed. because you love yourself so deeply and unconditionally you would never be forced to decide under pressure. a good night`s sleep is the best problem solver in the world. any situation that demands that you decide now isn`t worth the stress.