Friday, February 09, 2007


we are all made of energy.

even science is begining to come to the same conclusion now that thier toys are becoming powerful enough to look past the illusion of solidity.

now, i`m not going to rant on about scientists here because i think the majority of scientists are as curious as the next person about the oddness of what`s going on around us each day.

the closer we get to looking at matter, either physically or philosophically, we start to realise that there is nothing solid at all about the stuff we are surrounded by.

the human will is far stronger and resilient that the hardest steel or the toughest diamond.

it goes through these things as if they aren`t even there.

the human consiousness has decided to allow things to be real.

we have had centuries of consensus to form our towers of glass and steel and our technology of silicon neurology.

so where is this all going to end up?

back where it came from.

and what will be left?



BBC said...

It's a sexual energy, they will figure that out someday. All that crap out there is just cosmic sexual debris. So are we.

They won't be able to prove it with math though. Like sex gives a damn about math.

dr.alistair said...


who cares whether it s figured out?

math is just another language.

languages are forms of communication.

thr older a language the richer the communication.

that`s why i like a smile.