Wednesday, February 07, 2007


not too big a word.......

it means self taught.

i find that my best and most meaningful education has been on my own without the traditional schoolroom/teacher modality.

i don`t know why this is but probably because i can`t sit still for extended periods of time and get bored shitless by monotone voices and content-free lectures.


i read most of my text books in the first few days of class.

my most meaningful education is ongoing and with the help of friends, neigbours, business associates, clients and you guys........

there is an intellectual snobbery surrounding a formal education that dictates that the only knowledge is gained at the degree level and beyond.

this attitude makes me love to play with people like that who are so overbought in thier stuff that they can`t exert any flexibility over thier own dogma.

though she is very pretty when she smiles.........


Theo_musher said...

Hey, are you the alistair, that just visited my blog?

If That's interesting about the 666 too being carbon

BBC said...

I've taught myself a lot of things. And I've taught others things. But I got tired of teaching class's so stopped doing it.

I like schooling, if it is useful schooling teaching you something useful.

Like physics, or how to rebuild an automatic transmission, or to build a house.

But I wouldn't go to school to learn more words that I don't need. If you hang around and listen to so called educated people you will notice that even they seldom use many words.

Except when they are writing, then they like to show off what they know.

Big deal, ask them to fix a dripping facet.

I like to challenge how you think.

Hugs and all that shit.

Hammer said...

Sounds like you and I learn the same way. Once I read the text book
the boring lectures were meaningless.

Of course I did have a few dynamic professors that kept me riveted.

dr.alistair said...

the most important thing between people is understanding.

and theo?, that was me.

dr.alistair said...


hey, teacher, leave those kids alone.

Jon said...

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Jon said...

Hey, are you the Alistair who left a comment on my blog?

dr.alistair said...

you don`t actually expect me to answer that do you?