Sunday, February 04, 2007


isn`t it remarkable how small black marks on a computer screen can evoke such feelings in people?

i have followed the comments recently across the blogs of north america and beyond and i have to say it is just incredible how people can be so unavailable to themselves as they sit at a keyboard in a dimly lit room.

i have a really cool device on my blog. it`s called a moderator.

i have to personally decide to include a comment when it is recieved, so i exercise the right to not post some of the deluded nonsense that some people apply instead of reasonable care and concern for others.

and you know exactly who you are...........

now having said that, i have to say that i enjoy a go at issues and people that i disagree with.......but the great thing about this medium, and life in general, is that if you are in disagreement with me or are offended you can comment or simply go away.

and just remember, we are all hypocrites. so if i contradict myself you can point it out if you need to, but just realise that there is no, um, prize for best answer or for stump the doc, or for debating for more that a few posts.

actually you can`t stump the doc..........come to think of it.

oh yeah, so the point of this post is energy.

we are all energy.

everything around us is energy.

we are all creating all of this every second of our existance.

make the fucking best of it.

and stop wearing that cross with the guy nailed to it around your neck................

no really...........cut it out.

it didn`t even work like you thought it would the first time and it only scares little kids and retards anyway.

grow up.


Hammer said...

lol I agree.

I've ben lucky so far but I don't usually get controversial. I did that in a past life and it's not fun anymore.

dr.alistair said...

past life? not you too......

Hammer said...

lol! This body past personal life.
figure of speech.

Rose said...

Well ok. Do you feel better now that you got that off your chance oh and I got here via hammer's blog.

dr.alistair said...

hammer, thanks for clarifying. just kidding anyway.

rose, this is called opinion. we all have one or two. you aren`t offended are you?

christ said it was over a long time ago.

it`s only the christians and cathoholics who persist in tacking him up all the time.

and if you think about it for a moment and see what they are doing to the j-unit each day just imagine what they`d do to you and me.

Jon said...

You're talking about me again aren't you? And don't call me Cyril in court.

Jon said...

"Have a good day unless you've made other plans". Absolutely brilliant. I'm going to have to use that.

The words in the word verification don't make any sense. Is it just me?

dr.alistair said...

i don`t think the words are supposed to be taken literally. i`s a little a.i. joke.

and yes, i am talking about you......sweety.