Saturday, February 24, 2007


interesting thing i learned this week.

my ego can be distracted.

quite easily actually.

i signed up for an on-line dating service and women have been checking out the picture and my comments.

it has made me feel much better about the escapade of this time last week.

it makes me realise the whole thing was ego-play.

a woman from my past stroked my ego and it took over.

i don`t blame her.

she did me a favour.

i learned something about myself and what i can do now.

and now that my ego is distracted from the last thing and is entertained over on the dating site, we can go back to talking about other bullshit.......

so where was i?


Hammer said...

It feels good to be noticed. Even if one is in no position to do anything about it. Sometimes we just need the reassurance.

Renée said...

I admire your sincerity and your kind and calm reactions to certain comments that in my eyes are injustified an unnecessarily hard! Your blog is very interesting and gives me pleasure!

BBC said...

There is no ego bigger than mine. But there sure is a lot of screwed up noisy ones.

JLee said...

Those sites can be kinda fun/distracting. I never met anyone that became a long term relationship, but met some very nice people.

dr.alistair said...

renee, thanks for that. i give as i wish to recieve.

i believe strongly in resonance.

bill, ego is the enemy. i am learning.

jlee, the dating site is a refuge for my flaming heart, and a training ground for my return to the playground.

there is something pleasurable about seeing the amount of visits to my profile.

but i know it has the potential to be addictive so i will tread lightly.

i have realised that i probably don`t want a long-term relationship right now as i have just begun to re-discover me, so i will probably pull my profile soon.