Wednesday, February 21, 2007


the sun is out, the wind is down, the snow is melting and it feels a lot like spring......

so i`m going to behave as if.



BBC said...

The sun is out here also.

If you ain't a biker you ain't shit.

I wore that shirt when I buzzed around on my big bad Yamaha 250 Exciter.

I still have it.


dr.alistair said...

yeah, i ride a bicycle......

nothing like it though.

70k flat out down a slight hill, passing traffic.


if she`s not gonna call me back then forget her.

BBC said...

I have a three speed that I bought in the seventy's. Good old bike for what I do with it.

She won't call you back, get over it, move on to the next lesson.

Or get the same one over again.

dr.alistair said...

yeah, i know bill.

it`s just real hard.

i just question why it has to be this way between people.

the fuck.