Monday, February 05, 2007

before i forget.

three beautiful things.

my fucking life.........i`m alive!

knowing that eventually it will warm up.

knowing that there are more moments of joy and wonder to come.


That's one clever little bitch! said...

I'm going to believe you that it'll warm up soon. Because I want to believe that. So you must be right.

BBC said...

Ah, I've been through a lot of Canada. I've always thought that they should turn that country into a big national park and all the people should move south because winters there can really suck.

But fear not, global warming is coming. :-)

It was nice here today.

"knowing that there are more moments of joy and wonder to come."

Maybe, maybe not. Maybe you won't be here tomorrow, maybe I won't, as Billy anyway.

But lets get back to "I'm not a Christian" post.

Ah, man, dying on a cross was a pain in the ass. You don’t know how painful that is, it screwed up my whole day, not to mention my life.

And then those idiot monkeys went and made up a lot of stupid stories about me that wasn’t true and built a stupid religion around me. I hate it that they did that because it really screwed up the world.

Any questions?

dr.alistair said...

y`know, i like to ride a bike. in fact i like to do 100k some days, but when it a fucking billion below it takes the edge off the enthusiasm.....then to add to the joy.....high winds.

onmipotent, omnipresent.....fuck man, stop the cold and windy.

bring on the global warming.

Ricardo said...

You know I feel like I have yet to hit my prime and the best is yet to come. So I stick around. Besides there are some beautiful Canadian women out there for me to meet.

dr.alistair said...

there are some beautiful women here.

Ricardo said...

Oh I know. My man B Jonathan Michaels is an erotic photographer up in Western Canada who reads my blog and has a blog of his own. He made me a bigger believer.

I've been to Toronto and Montreal and loved it. Especially Montreal.

Much less uptight than what I deal with here BTW.

BBC said...

I don't suppose you saw my older blog post of a 35 speed three wheel bike I made a few years back.

dr.alistair said...

i lived in montreal for nine years. cold as fuck in the winter but les canadiens warmed things up. not to mention les pussy.

what`s the third wheel for bill?