Monday, February 26, 2007

ok so........

do we reveal too much about ourselves here?

i have been on an on-line dating site since thursday of last week and have been quite overhelmed in many ways by the sheer volume of hits on my profile.

from an ego standpoint it is good for strokes but one realises quickly that most of these people aren`t interested in dates so much as the stroking of contact and e-mails and instant messaging and so on that i don`t have time for.

i want to meet a real woman for the normal reasons.

otherwise the fish can stay in the sea.

there are many types of people who get involved in games.

winners, losers and those who just like to be in the game.

i have to conclude that the majority of those people posting pictures are merely just wanting to be in the game.


BBC said...

Online dating.

He, he, he.

It's like fishing.


Never mind.

Enjoy the carp.

He, he, he.

BBC said...

Idiot !!!

Yeah !!!!

You !!!!!

Did you put in your profile that you are not looking for a gold digger?

That you are going though a divorce and she got almost everything?

If she has a home ask her how she got it, from the ex I bet. Does that tell you anything?

Online dating, been there, done that.


Umm, hugs, cuz you need one.

dr.alistair said...

yeah, the site is called plenty of fish.........


i don`t think that most of these people realise what is going on at all.

i meet new people out and about all the time and get good strokes as i go in the real world.

mind you, the bodybuilder girl at the gym wanted to kill me for getting too close to what she thought was her space at the gym tonight.

it was all i could do not to burst out laughing.......

but i did deliberately walk right toward her.


all`s fair in love and war.

Hammer said...

The people who date online are sickl of the bars and sickl of creeps. I know of at least 3 folks that met great people though the service. Hope it works out however rebound dating is a dangerous game. got to get your head on straight before you move on.

KB said...

My first visit....thanks for visiting are a flirt!

After studying your picture for a good 15seconds, you have kind eyes.

As for dating sites...NO WAY!! There are some freaks out there and I'm likely to get involved with the FREAKIEST of the lot!! hahaha

Will read more of your posts...

dr.alistair said...

bill, no, i didn`t post any of the seperation issues on the dating site but i probably have a target on my head anyway.

hammer, rebound? yeah, i have to get a grip.

kb, thanks for reading. dating sites? i have had a short study and i will be pulling my profile soon. i will give it the week and see.

the weirdest thing is seeing people you know......

BBC said...

Ah, space at the gym. Lots of folks want lots of space. I'm not sure I trust those types.

It's interesting to test peoples comfort zones though, I do it all the time.

It's been my experience that the folks that are okay with how close you are, in general are warmer and more trusting people.

I'm generalizing of course.

I had two weeks of great sex with a lady I met on the internet about ten years ago.

To bad it didn't continue going well. It's not easy to find a woman my age that you like that likes sex twice a day.

dr.alistair said...

comfort zones.......

the bodybuilder girl was pretty and i was curious so i walked directly over in her direction.

the closer i got the more tense she got to the point where as i walked in front of her she was virtually growling at me.

such passion.

or steroids maybe?