Friday, February 16, 2007

a letter to my sister.

my sister had a shit day today and so i sent her this in an e-mail.

i think she`d feel ok with me sharing it with you too.

dear sister, when we track the path we walk we notice that it`s never the straight line we hoped for.

so where did we get the idea that it was in the first place?

so up and down we go.........

happy one minute and sad the next.

happy we are happy and sad that we are sad.

which do we notice and appreciate more?

the answer to that question is the answer to how we move forward.

like attracts like.........




fuck the metaphors.

realise that the more you look at things in a certain specific way, the more of that you will get.

it is the easiest, and at the same time, the hardest thing to do.

love, alistair.


Ricardo said...

Dr. A thank you as always for the kind words over on my little part of the web. must say your letter yo your sister is true for all of us so thank you for sharing.

That's one clever little bitch! (Also known as Yvonne) said...

How'd she like the letter? I could see her either loving you for it or hating you for it.

Having you been watching Oprah? Talking about "The Secret"- It's the law of attraction.

dr.alistair said...

ricardo, it is the warrior`s way.

my sister`s letter was for me too.

yvonne, i hear what you are saying about hating me for the message.

a man i know was nailed to to a tree for saying things like that once.

my sister loves herself enough to get it.

the secret?

i watched that in november.

beautiful message.

can you help me to understand how someone could hate such a messenger?

it would help clarify something for me.

BBC said...


I can tell you all about paths

I've been down many of them

Many more than you

Renée said...

your sister's letter was for here, for you and everyone of us..! I often find ideas of Buddhism in your way of thinking, dr. alistair! I think your words are really helpful - To look at things in another way turn your life in another direction. It's your dark mind that plays the main part of misfortune.

dr.alistair said...

billy, you are probably right.........i`ve only ever been on one.

renee, thanks for commenting.

buddhism. yeah, i like the smile on his face, and when he laughs, the place just lights up.

JLee said...

I needed that! thanks, Dr. A :)

dr.alistair said...


you are entirely welcome.