Thursday, February 15, 2007

a quote from tim.

There’s no such thing as a “mental disorder.” Rather, we have linguistic complexes which we format into programs and load into the AI plug&play-([hot]air)port and then these programs create logical flaws (because all language-based bio-programs terminate in logical errors) and then because we have reified these linguistic structures, we believe ourselves to have a “mental disorder”.

logical errors! precisely.

stop telling yourself you are a piece of shit............


BBC said...

What I actually said was.

You are a piece of shit.


Okay, 'turning off humor' humanity is a piece of shit in general. Really.

And there really is such things as mental disorders. And simply people with defective brains from the beginning.

I'd better take a nap, I have an appointment with a couple at eleven to plan their wedding.

I love to hitch people up and watch my failure rate. LOL

dr.alistair said...

other that those used as excuses, i find less and less every day.

those with defective brains from the beginning are very rare.

BBC said...

You don't get out much in real life, do you doc?

dr.alistair said...

real life, what`s that?

Yves said...

Well, I think that Tim's quote was pretty poor. Mental disorder is not about language and programs - the intellectual part of us - but the more basic brain which deals with emotions and body functions: keeping us alive and regulating our organism.

You can have people with mental disorders who function extremely well on the logical level.

Yves said...

No, i could not agree less. Mental disorders are more about a dysfunction in the more primitive and vital part of our brain, which produces emotion and protects us from threats. You can have people whose logical functions work extremely well who are crazy.

dr.alistair said...

neurosis is about language and programs, which makes up the majority of that which has been claimed by psychiatry as mental illness.

psychiatry is a cult that has usurped medicine and so muddled the process of healing and the government has added law to the game to compound the effect.

the result; chaos.

mental disorders are a natural protection from threat, real or percieved and are entirely rational.

to learn the individual`s rationale for a descent into madness is to begin to find a strategy for healing....

yves, i like your clarity of thinking in this regard.