Sunday, February 11, 2007

here`s something i live by.

lead, follow or get out of the way.

and if you get the v for vendetta.


Wiñai said...

Hey, i was wandering. Could you hypnotize to change my behavior?

Could you help me reveal or cure some mental disruption?

I have been OCD since childhood. At this age it has decreased but it is still there.

Could you help?

Just tell me yes or no. Dont give me a philosophical answer or an out of context responce.

Wiñai said...

btw, you can e-mail me. I don't plan to check your responce here. I read something about you being a hypnotist or something so i came back.

Yves said...

I've been uncharacteristically employed full-time this last week and have not been able to keep pace with your blog. Oddly I am in a similar position, which is why I am living in rented accommodation and having to go back to work though officially retired next month. Haggling about the money after the breakup can cause a load of bitterness, but it's just an attempt to get the best for oneself. It's a hassle but to me this is just another instance of human vulnerability and the need for angelic assistance. I would not try vengeance. It is important to be true to oneself & I've been a bit soft and over-generous, but starting to become a bit tougher.

May you settle this with intergrity and a good result all round.

dr.alistair said...

yves, thanks for your thoughtful comments.

angelic god, it seems that i`m surrounded by angels!

i continue the process with my ex without thoughts of vengeance past that which asserts my ego.

i don`t wish her ill.

she`s the mother of my children and they know nothing of her nature in this regard.

i suppose my strongest emotion toward her is horror. horror that someone could be so destructive.

i`m sure my children will adress the issue as they grow but that is out of my hands.

they know thier father for who he is.

human vulnerability. yes, and i have managed to preserve that through this thanks to the angels......disincarnate and otherwise.

BBC said...

Being as it is my parade it really ticks me off that the monkeys won't stay in line.

Hammer said...

Vendetta... great movie. I know it was aimed at conservatives but I can see beyond that.

Little Lamb said...

I've never heard of your line of work, hypnotherapist.

Jon said...

Have I lent you that movie yet?

barista grazioso said...

Doc - I continue to cheer you on. Vengeance never pays, it only boomerangs back. You've got a good head on your shoulders, therefore I'm not *that* worried about you, just concerned in a friend-type way.

Your children will be okay ((hugs)). That's the hardest part of the ordeal, is worrying and being sick over the children's welfare. Know this my newfound friend. Karma is a bitch and what you put out comes back a hundredfold. I didn't smear my ex's name and character - lack thereof (as much as I could shut my mouth - which is difficult), and knew that one day when they were old enough they'd see the real truth.

And they did. I'm their hero and their champion because they can count on me. Be that for your children, and it'll pay off. Like I said to QofD, patience is a virtue, and it's going to be a long hard road - - but I know you'll do what's best for your babies. :)

I've got my pom-pom's out.'ve been Tequila Tagged. It might be a good outlet for you. If you choose not to, I totally understand. But will cry just the same. Just sayin'.

BBC said...

Umm, this women sounds all too like many other women that get greedy that I have known and observed. Yes, at this point in time there is no point in your bringing any of it up to your sons, you can teach them that later. But, I would sure be putting head games on her. For the simple reason that allowing her to stay that way isn’t fair to the next man she connects with.

And you can be teaching yourself about women like that and how to avoid them. When I first get interested in a woman I want to know more of some things right away. What has she got? Where did she get it from? Was most of it taken from an ex? If so, I’m history. What is her lifestyle? How far in debt is she? Things like that, men have to start paying more attention to such things or the women on this planet are going to just keep getting more and more greedy.

Many of them are just looking for a man to add to their empires, estates, etc. I’m not allowing myself to get caught in that trap. But if it works for you, go with it I guess. But I’ve had it with the needy money mongers, it’s better to just be alone.

So how did the date go?

Jon said...

How did your date go? Still picking the sheets out of your ass?

dr.alistair said...

ok, well. the date.

i got her a rose because it as her birthday and i hadn`t sen her in so many years and blah, blah, blah and because i`m an old fashioned romantic and am still willing to play that game.

so she shows up beautiful as i remember but she`s got her three children with her.

her ex figured out the reason and changed his mind about taking the kids.

we talked for 2 1/2 hours about everything and her kids were good the whole time......

a miracle in it`s self.

she phoned me today and we talked for 2 hours about values.

we are going out on friday without children.

barista, what does it mean to be tequila tagged?

jon, no you haven`t.

hammer, that was a deep old movie. condervatives wouldn`t like the underlying message at all.

little lamb, google hypnotherapist.......

bill, i`m not going to try to teach her anything.....and remember i don`t owe anyone anything.....the next guy included.

unless he`s gonna mess with my kids.


barista grazioso said...

Head games are never good nor healthy, no matter how old or young you are. It's simply a waste of time. If you can't be honest with someone and vice versa, then there's something wrong with you or them. Doc, you're a solid guy. I loved your response. You don't need vengeance, only possible retribution to those who hurt your children. Cheers!

I Tequila Tagged you at my site, because I want to see something out of character from you. :D If you don't choose to participate, that's fine & dandy. If so? I'll be giddy. Best Regards!

BBC said...

Ah, talking about values already, already off to a bad start I see. :-)

You should just enjoy yourself and not care how it goes.

But don't listen to the voice of experience, learn the hard way, that's how I learned.

She's very attractive hey? He, he, he. I won't tell you what I'm thinking.

Lets have another look at it in six months. :-)

Little Lamb said...

So you hypnotize people. I've heard of that. Ok, since you have the moderaton thing on, I'll say it here and if you want to discuss it you can email me if you don't want to discuss it on your blog. My email is in my profile.

I've heard if someone hynotizes you and doesn't know what their doing or they aren't a professional, it can mess you up. How true is that? When I was in high school someone tried to hypnotize me and I didn't go under. I did not trust this person.

I also heard that not everybody can be hypnotized. How true is that?

Also why do you have word verification if you moderate the comments?

dr.alistair said...

to the hypnosis questions;

firstly in hypnosis the person doing the hypnosis is the client. the therapist is the custodian. any trance state that is attained is part of a relationship of them both.

your experinece in high school is not uncommon. the key is in trust, as you said.

the only real risk in hypnosis is the abreaction. this is a release of emotional energy that can erupt out of a patient while in session.

i screen my clients fairly extensively before any work begins and a history of pschiatric illnesses and medications or extreme fantasy-prone behaviour (hysteria) is a clue that issues are best left to medical people.

regarding whether people are unhypnostisable; my quick answer is there is no such thing, but anyone who is resistant to the process is, by definition, unhypnotisable.

word verification cuts down on spam comments.

the moderation is a vetting process for humans.

i very rarely moderate the comments.

if you want to debate, comment or spit bile.....go ahead, the select group of entities that come here are ready to be entertained.

in fact it`s healthy to gently piss people off occasionally............

BBC said...

The only way to hypnotize me is to stick a boob in my mouth, or to have one that I want in my mouth, then I get dumber than a fence post.

dr.alistair said...

bill, do you think we could get a grant to study the effectiveness of boobies as a hypnotic induction vs. say um, the ericksonian method or the handshake induction or the long droning lecture?

i can see it now, my dissertation hits youtube.........

BBC said...


You mean, your tube?

barista grazioso said...

handshake induction....I'm almost afraid to ask....

And my I add that my word verification is cmupnn.

Coincidence? I think not. Let me go type....

dr.alistair said...

cmupnn what?

are you asking about the handshake induction by the way?

and there are no coincidences.

barista grazioso said...

handshake induction sounds dirty :D

the cmupnn was my word verification. I'm thinking your word verification has some kinky traits.

dr.alistair said...

ok......i like your train of thought barista.

very, um, stimulating.

handshake induction is the right setting.

i`m gonna do a post about word varification.