Saturday, February 24, 2007


it`ll be interesting to see how this guy is recieved when he returns home, and who will photo-op him first.


Hammer said...

Don't ever try to come between a pensioner and his social security check.

BBC said...

Fox News? The leading media slut.

dr.alistair said...

well, undoubtably the media will be all over this story as it emerges.

wait a minute.....i think i disagree with my last statement.

the issue is of standing up for one`s freedoms and that of others in your group.

that`s a conservative value.

courage, motivation, self-actualisation, training, heroism, courage, blatant disregard for personal safety for the greater good.

on second thoughts they will try to find faults with this guy`s actions......

if they touch the story at all.

Hammer said...

I like fox. they are the only news station that won't try to call the old man a murderer.