Friday, February 09, 2007

why i stay out of politics.

i find myself being drawn into the circle of political opinion as i click comment links and surf across the consciousness.

i have said from the start that i would avoid comment of a political nature, and for the most part i have..........

why? because it tends to reduce people to a petty level.

but someone recently took my behavioural analysis of a particular political figure personally and made a rather strongly ad hominem remark in response.

i made the comment in an environment where i felt that i was comfortable to do so and that my position would be taken in the way it was intended.

now, while i don`t feel personally harmed by the statement, it is a shame that the person who made the comment hasn`t got a blog presence to allow responses to thier remarks.

so, i guess i will just have to be a little more careful with sensitive subjects.

yeah, gonna happen............


BBC said...

He, he, he.

Politics is just a big zoo with a bunch of monkeys fucking around in it.

That of course is why I like to pick on it. Other than that I have no use for politics at all.

My place is a monarchy.

dr.alistair said...

that`s why like to pick on it too.

the personal stuff is unneccesary.

they don`t care, so why should we?

my game is analysis.

i enjoy it.

and it makes me laugh.

and that clinton chick is funny.