Monday, February 19, 2007

that was strange.

in the last few hours i have had this odd sensation begin.

i feel a sort of shifting of feeling, from desperation and pain to a sort of calm.

i find it hard to explain.

i got pissed off a few hours ago after a good work-out at the gym with some extra heavy weight.

jump-starting the heart is effective at times.

unfortunately i bit the head off one of the girls at starbucks as a result.

she was ok after i apologised though.

the resulting calm has allowed me to let a few hours go by and not call nancy.

what has happened as a result is the realisation that i don`t need to be treated that way.

this realisation has shored up my resolve to get on with things after being pretty much useless the last 24 hours.

i owe you guys another round of gratitude for your consistant support and advice.

don`t let it go to your heads.


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.


BBC said...

"i can`t call any more for feeling like a fool."

At some point in time, about two years ago, I decided to stop allowing them to make me feel like a fool.

If it isn't going well I just cut it off.

JLee said...

the anger has set in...good! Get that junk out and don't drink too much coffee ;)

dr.alistair said...

yeah, a dose of agressive anger really seems to do the trick at times.

i have to be careful to to aim it at others though.

power vs. force is a great little book on how emotions keep us at levels of spiritual developement.

the person who wrote the book said that anger is a way to pull us out of despair.

compassion and understanding pulls us out of anger.

i have been going up and down this ladder for the last few days.