Tuesday, February 27, 2007


kb made a comment about assuming that struck a chord with me.

the core of my work as a therapist is knowing that the people that come to me for help know what they are experiencing.

i don`t.

i have no clue until they begin to get comfortable enough to begin to tell me what is going on.

i get some clues early on about how they do what they do, but if i assumed from the begining that they should go into box a or box b, then i would stop listening for what they had to say and fail to get to the bit about helping them.

i saw a great name for a high school the other day.


every day for years those students have to eat, sleep and drink that word in as they grow and learn.

love catholics.........


BBC said...

I assume, based on my experiences and research, that therapists are as crackers as everyone else. :-)

KB said...

What a skill!!! I struggle with it - all boils down to self-esteem I think??? Parts of mine are just fine, but others....leave a lot to be desired!!

I read that you have kids and one is under 10. You definitely NEED one of my CDs!! :)Hammer wrote a review quite a while back (it's called "Dragons Under My Bed") - if you get a chance, go have a read!

It seems I am going to learn a lot from you....excellent.

dr.alistair said...

crackers......you bet.

assuming merely blocks the message that others are bringing.

the learning comes from sharing.

the words we all use are nowhere near as important as the other stuff that is going on.

the community.