Tuesday, February 06, 2007

three beautiful things.

i forget to do this.

remind myself that i have things to be grateful for.

so when i remember i post three beautiful things that i`ve seen or experienced recently.

i encourage you to find the time occasionally to do the same......

or just post three beautiful things here to share.

-the sun on a day that is so cold your nose hairs freeze as you pedal your bike.

-a visit to the gym and the best workout i`ve had in months.

-showing my friend al the tortures of my workout.

i did take it easy on you didn`t i brother?

i want to cheat a bit and add another thing.

i watched a red-tailed hawk swoop down on a field mouse in the front yard of a house in front of the tower this afternoon. i watched him through the bushnells for about ten minutes or so while he just sat there with the mouse in his clutches, steadily watching all around for other predators.
i`m not sure what he was waiting for and when i left he was still sitting there just waiting.

hunt and kill.



jin said...

Live in the moment (for now...lol)...so 3 things I'm grateful for:

my pup (who is lying on my feet as I type this)


ticharu said...

My sypathies are with the mammal! I know, it's a beautiful thing, nature functioning the way it's suppose to function... GO little mouse!! RUN!!

dr.alistair said...

it is remarkable the diversity of beauty.

it`s not so much what we recognise, as that we do.

i am grateful for the blogging.

interesting thing about chocolate.it contains a substance called p.e.a. which which is a neuro-peptide that is released when in the human body when you are hugged.

explains a few things, huh?

BBC said...

My friend Helen

My friend Laurel Ann

Other good friends that I have

My hikes to the hot springs to be around Mrs. God

Random events that happen to me almost daily, but that I seldom mention

The quilt that I sleep under every night

The wisdoms I receive from the cosmos.

A good laugh

You didn't really expect me to stick to three did you.

Enjoy your date, the best way for it to go well is to expect nothing at all from it other than to have a good time.

If I go out at all it will be for a little pool or something like that.

Likely as not I will go to the library and get some movies.

BBC said...

Oh, and once a month money is electronically transfered to my checking account. Allowing me to do as I like with my days. Gotta love that.

When I do weddings.

dr.alistair said...

bill, thanks for more than three.

i try to post the 3bt riff a few times a week but get distracted.

about the date, well, i`ll be pretty nervous but i love the feeling so i`ll ride it like an ferrari in a four wheel drift.

that reminds me......

BBC said...

I don't ask women out anymore. Haven't for some time, they ask me.

I think I will start saying something like, "Why? Are you interested in sex with me?"

After all, that is why people look for mates. Otherwise we can just hang out with the guys, or the gals if you are a gal.

One night a lady told me that if I bought her a couple of beers that I could have sex with her.

I sure wasn't interested in that. Hell, I can have better sex with my hand, I wasn't interested in her at all. Sex is a very visual thing (and to me, spiritual) and I'm not doing it with a woman just for the heck of it.

dr.alistair said...

why the mammal bias ticharu?

regarding my date on saturday........she asked me.

BBC said...

She did? It's an odd thing, when you start ignoring women they are attracted to you.

Argh, they are frigging crazy.

BBC said...

"why the mammal bias ticharu?"

Do you really have to use words like that? Do you think they make you seem smart?

Would you use them in a village in South America?

Have you noticed that I seldom use fancy words because I want to communicate to the whole world?

Look friend, just talk with a straight tongue and let the word smiths screw with their brains.

The world would be a better place if we all communicated with just a few hundred words so that we could understand each other better.

Do you think that everyone has a dictionary and a thesaurus? Or even gives a shit about big words when they are starving to death under a tree?

When they don't even have a piece of tin over their head to call a home?

dr.alistair said...

ted, you seem er,um.... ornery today.......

what`s wrong with a few larger words occasionally?

i will hazzard a guess that if a person has access to the internet then.....it may be safe to assume that they have access to wikipedia if they need to follow the doc....

but.....i really don`t use too large a word. other than pheynl-ethyl-amine...

and besides i don`t owe anyone anything. including those in third world countries.

they haven`t been harmed by one thing i`ve ever done.

in fact our soccer league;
www.botsc.ca sent hundreds of soccer uniforms to africa so that they could have uniforms and we never got a so much as a thanks for our efforts.

now, it wasn`t my idea in the first place and i didn`t expect thanks but i think you know what i`m on about.

there are people living in poverty right here in burlington....in the building i live in.......and nobodies helping them either.

i offered my stop smoking seminar to the people at the food bank as a donation and the manager said that nobody would come.

they would rather spend thier money on cigarettes and get free food.


i get a little pissy about people moralising about what i should or shouldn`t do.......