Friday, February 16, 2007

my turn to guess......

spiritual is what we are.

the default setting.

the noise of what runs through our heads is installed commands from other humans.

when we tell that chatter to shut the fuck up, after awhile we start to have other experiences and feelings.

and we can choose to feel good for no reason.

no intellectul process.

no inventory of thinking that went before, that we studied and learned and regurgitated in excange for a piece of paper.

we live in a well created by all the chatter and learning that altered the default setting.

so we are working to buy bits of things assembled and sold to us to keep us going to work so that we can get more things.

a consumer society.

the noisy heads prevail.

and the girls were not allowed to play this game for so long that now they have the ability and permission to get it on, they are going full tilt.

and the lawyers tell them precisely how.


we unattach to outcomes and go for a walk or a bike ride and love our kids and play guitar and hang out with friends and realise the game is afoot and don`t beat ourselves up anymore or blame anyone else for this sorry mess.

and recognise the joy of the abundance of everything that we are surrounded by and be a part of it.

i am working on my doctorate for credibility in business, not to find answers.

there are no answers in a textbook.

that`s just another game.

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