Tuesday, February 20, 2007


to some money is the root of all evil.

the dogmatic view is that somehow money earned is taken from those less fortunate.

those who preach that dogma are the first to hold thier hands out though.

i guess they are good enough to spend it wisely and for our own good.

it strikes me that they are the one`s preying on the poor......those working to raise families and pay the bills to get to the sermon on sunday.

well now is the time to stand up to that programming and take back what is ours, to claim what we have earned and need to survive and thrive.

and realise that money is merely a tool.

it is not good or evil.

the dialectics are a philosophical football kicked around by people with too much time on thier hands and who are generally french, or some other form of twerpyness, that stops them from thinking logically about reality.

money is a symbol of energy.

it is a symbol of everything that manifests it`s self in this plane of consciousness.

money comes into our reality like everything else in our lives.

by how we focus on it.

so if you think it`s good, or if you think it`s evil, or if you think it comes easily or hard, then you are right.

and i like bill`s take on energy.

all energy is sexual.

so money is a symbol of sexuality.

fuck yeah...........


BBC said...

"money is a symbol of energy."

You are sort of right.

Money is an energy, not just a symbol. It flows around doing things.

Unequally I should add.

Never had much use for it myself other than others wanted it for some of the things I needed.

But it will buy a good piece of ass, and that is energy worth investing in when these ding bats won't give because they simply would like some also.

I'm just not into them controlling me with their pussy's so they can have more stuff.

I'm not on this planet for that bullshit. Sex me because you want to, or just leave me the hell alone.

Thanking you ladies in advance.

Umm, is this a bit over your head Alistair?

Ricardo said...

They say money can not buy happiness....but sometimes I think it can.

Money is a tool and it can be used to hurt or help. It's the person with it and the intent that makes for good and evil.

Take a gun for example. I don't think it's evil. If someone picks it up and uses it to do something terrible it's the person with the issue. the gun just made his cruel intentions more efficient. It can also allow the foolish to make a big mistake who does not know his way around a firearm but again, it's the person. But a gun just sitting on a table is just a hunk of metal.

You can use just about anything for good or bad purposes. I've never brought into the argument that objects are bad. It's an excuse and a way not to own up.

BBC said...

You have nothing to say about Britney Spears?

Another ding bat

Gone ding bat

And the more flowers you send them

The more ding bat they get

Interesting isn't it?

I'll take a plain woman any day of the week.

Many of the attractive ladies in Playboy haven't made it to fifty.

They seem to be self destructive.

Glad I'm not a woman, what with my being so handsome and all.


dr.alistair said...

bill`s laughing because he can`t believe how i got another lesson as we are all talking.

as the pain dissipates i can`t see your point.

it`s not over my head bill, i just got caught looking.

strike three.

the money is a symbol precisely because the energy was always there and the processes of human interaction were there also.

you could use goats or eggs or salt or gold or favours......

we use paper now for the next little while and pretty soon numbers on a screen.

these are all symbols of effort.

gold is no more inherently valuable than mud but for the value we give it as a symbol.

try eating gold when your crop fails......

Hammer said...

I second ricardo's statement.

Money can buy nice things but I've come to realize that things quickly lose their lustre and can become liabilities.

It's good to have money for a rainy day but keeping life simple is for the best.

BBC said...

My life has gotten very simple.

I like it that way.

Nothing fancy here.

But it's all paid for.

dr.alistair said...

good. that peace of mind is valuable.

many would pay dearly for it.

that`s why i do things like what i did today.

sitting in a boardroom helping a large corporation solve a problem.

i don`t want to be there.

i couldn`t imagine my whole life bound up in returning there every day.

the type of person who thrives in that environment is trained and conditioned to be that way.

large, air-conditioned suites of offices have no appeal to me other than the fact that within those halls lurk the decision-makers that can exchange my expertise for money.

then i`m off to ride my bike.....

like right now.