Wednesday, February 07, 2007

litebrite strikes fear into the hearts of ...............

apparently terrorists are using litebrite media to strike fear into the hearts of children.

i can`t see anyone but an oversensitive child being alarmed by the sight of this little guy, but that`s just me.

law enforcement experts see things differently, as ricardo points out in his posting above.

to me this smells of good old-fashioned viral marketing, whereby a staged event is branded with an image of something that is linked to a consumer product............and the reporting media does the rest.

just like i`m doing now.

so when you buy a litebrite on whim one day you will know why.


BBC said...

Man, that is old news. It's just monkey shit in the ruts of the history of time and space. Keep looking forward, always forward.

I have never understood why people go to gyms to exercise when there are so many good and free ways to do it. Even ways of making money doing it, or while helping others. Ah, I suppose it is a monkey thing. I might would go to one if it had a hot tub or swimming pool.

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dr.alistair said...

i go to the gym for a number of reasons. one is that there are a number of machines and racks that i need to use for safety when using extremely heavy weights.

social interaction is another reason.

the main gym is a hub for the majority of the health-minded people in our town and it is a good way to get face time with them.

the story about terrorists is old. the viral marketing story is just emerging.

Ricardo said...

Hey thanks for the mention, I'm not updating because I'm on a semi-hiatus to finsih work on my screenplay. That post was just a bonus for my readers who I knew would come by to see if I would make a move on it and many of them did check in. They know me well.

This is viral marketing but you must conceed that this has gone well beyond The Cartoon Networks wildest dreams.

dr.alistair said...

i will concede that on one level.

the cartoon network is owned by ted turner isn`t it?

these people have enough money to make just about anything happen.

Ricardo said...

turner is out of it actually. He resigned after his TV networks (TBS, CNN, Cartoon Net and others) merged with Time Warner but they kept the Turner Broadcasting name anyway. Basically, it's all run by Time Warner Now. I think he may not even be on the board of directors. He still has loads of cash however.

BBC said...

"i go to the gym for a number of reasons. one is that there are a number of machines and racks that i need to use for safety when using extremely heavy weights."

That is funny on so many levels that I won't even try to explain it.

Ah, Ted, yup, I'm sure that he has enough money to spend the rest of his life screwing around with his buffalo when Jane Fonda isn't dropping by to hump him. Or some other sweetie.

I admire that he has gotten into ecology though.

dr.alistair said...

bill, i`m glad you are amused.

and you refered to aren`t a jesuit in disguise are you?

BBC said...

A Jusuit in disguise?

May have been at one time. I believe I have evolved above that though.

I keep saying after all that God is an evolution. That we are God the spirit.