Saturday, February 03, 2007


winai hopes i don`t believe in reincarnation.

i have to say that i have no absolute imperical way of knowing if it does or not, but i would like to consider this;

our dna is transferred directly from generation to generation by obvious physical means.

our dna is an encoded molecular series that transfers physiological and psychological traits from one generation to the next.

apples don`t fall too far from the tree, as they say.

our minds and bodies are experience machines. we take our lives into our cells and adapt. darwin was right about this one thing at least.

spirit somehow arrived in an animal form at some point in our existance.

who`s to say it`s not a fluid function?

i do not believe or subscribe to this position.

that would require proof.


BBC said...

I'm omnipresent, have been for billions of years.

Reincarnation is just something the monkeys dreamed up because they don't understand omnipresence.

What the hell, they make money selling books trying to explain it. Monkeys have to make a living you know.

What an idiot christian would call pagan being as they are 'enlightened'.


Of course they are making everyone more stupid. God is surrounded by idiots.

BTW... Omnipresence is a native spirit more than anything else.

BBC said...

"spirit somehow arrived in an animal form at some point in our existance."

Spirit started getting an awareness when animal life starting forming here.

It was all born and started evolving at the same time. Before that there was no spirit. Only two instructions.

Survive, reproduce. That is all the cosmic sexual energies out there do.

All that you see out there is just solidified cosmic sexual debris. Cosmic cum and afterbirth so to speak.

WiƱai said...

Responding to your question, i do not feel it "important" that you believe in reincarnation or not. For some odd reason most hypnotists do believe in it.

Their views differing from mine, it is just preposterous watching and hearing them go off on past lives, the future, etc.

dr.alistair said...

omnipresent.......always been here.



rene descartes did a lot of damage to the mind of the spiritual seeker.

the duality of seprateness is the disfunction of the modern psyche.

nothing helps.

nothing hinders.

nobody gets out alive.

Sarah said...

I must say I believe in past lives, but not reincarnation in the way it is typically represented. I guess I am a fence sitter!

dr.alistair said...

metaphysical agnostic. cool.

so you want some proof, is that what you are saying?

well. it is obvious we are the result of past lives.

my dad said so.........